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Web Audio Streamer- 2 Channel

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The SOUND4 STREAM product line is specifically dedicated to Web Radio processing and encoding, with the STREAM X2 model having the capacity to simultaneously and independently process two separate Web Radio streams.

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STREAM x2 $1,556.00
  • Overview

    The SOUND4 STREAM product line is specifically dedicated to Web Radio processing and encoding, with the STREAM X2 model having the capacity to simultaneously and independently process two separate Web Radio streams. It comes in the compact format of a PCI Express card and has a streaming engine that can provide 6 streams per channel, thus allowing for a total of 12 streams. Each of them uses the latest generation of codecs - AAC, HE-AAC, HE-AAC v.2 and MP3.

    SOUND4 STREAM X2 is based on a true processing chain dedicated to webstreaming and features the “Predictive HQSound” algorithm which optimizes codec results and reduces compression-induced sound artifacts. The Automatic Gain Control operates in broad band and its main purpose is to reduce gaps in levels applied to the processor. The Tone FX features takes care of "coloring" the sound before the dynamic processing by combining a 4-band parametric Equalizer and an effect system that makes it possible to strengthen both high and low frequencies. STREAM X2 also has a 100% mono-compatible stereo enhancer and provides 3-band processing with the revolutionary Sound Impact System algorithm.

    It is fully compatible with all Axia and RAVENNA products and every audio device profile. This product is designed to operate with many types of automation software and offers advanced metadata management. Additionally, presets can be shared between cards even if they are not on the same network map. Combined with the user-friendly remote control interface, this is a tool to deliver optimal performance and easy management and setup.

    SOUND4 STREAM x2 – The First Solution of its Kind

    SOUND4 is delighted to bring to the attention of our customers a solution the likes of which have so far never been introduced to the broadcasting market. The SOUND4 STREAM x2 is the very first multi-channel processor dedicated to WebRadio bouquets. It has the capability of simultaneously and independently processing a total of eight radio streams on a single PCI express card.The SOUND4 STREAM x2 offers 8 inputs and 8 outputs through Audio Driver (WDM/Direct Sound) and/or AES67/Livewire. The streaming engine can provide 6 streams per channel for an unparalleled total of 48 streams. Each stream is set on the latest codecs generation (AAC, HE-AAC, HEAACv2 , as well as MP3).

    A True Processing Chain

    Created to offer clients only the best, the SOUND4 STREAM x2 includes a true sound processing chain dedicated to webstreaming:

    • AGC
    • Tone FX
    • Stereo FX
    • 3-Band Process
    • 4-Band Limiter
    • Brickwall Limiter

    The SOUND4 STREAM x2 also features the “Predictive HQSound” algorithm which optimizes codec results and reduces compression-induced sound artifacts.

    Advanced Coding Solutions

    In terms of encoding, the SOUND4 STREAM x2 offers a complete and innovative solution. The SOUND4 STREAM x2 has a high quality encoding engine that suits every IP audio device profile. Indeed, it is the first processor that includes a sound optimizer for very low encoding rates (16 kbps, 24 kbps, 32kbps). Another clever bit of SOUND4 STREAM x2 innovation is the adaptive processing which can correct each stream independently in order to compensate for the sound difference due to encoding. Thus, a radio station can easily generate different streams that suit the targeted audience, low-rate for mobile phones, high-rate for home devices, with homogeneous sound whatever the encoder used. Finally, the SOUND4 STREAM x2 adapts to most of the standards used for streaming delivery systems - Flash, Darwin, Helix, Wowza, Icecast 2, Shoutcast v1 & v2, etc.

    SOUND4 STREAM x2 and the Livewire standard

    Livewire* is the popular IP-Audio networking standard which uses Ethernet to provide an easy way of routing and sharing audio and logic throughout the broadcast plant.

    "Everyone agrees that IP-Audio is the future. There are already more than 1,500 studios around the world powered by Axia Livewire networks," says Axia Vice-President Marty Sacks. With the Livewire* system, a single Ethernet cable carries in real time all mics, as well as uncompressed digital audio, device control messages, program-associated data and even routine network traffic. One of the advantages of the SOUND4 VOICE ULA is its capacity to work as a resource that can be routed and inserted anywhere in the Livewire* chain.

    Advanced Metadata Management

    In terms of Metadata, the SOUND4 STREAM x2 is compatible with different standard formats and can interface with many types of automation software thanks to an XML-based gateway (A2I, BE, BSI, Enco, Jazler, Netia, NextGen, RCS, Winmedia).

    Software Options Available *

    Mix Engine & 3D matrix

    * All Software Options are subject to an additional payment. For pricing please Contact Us.
  • The STREAM x2 is a device that impresses with the trademark SOUND4 quality. It was developed as the ultimate processing/coding solution and its top performance is guaranteed by a number of outstanding features.
    The SOUND4 STREAM x2 PCIe Card
    • PCI Express x1 card (compatible with x2, x4, x8 and x16 slots)
    • 100% autonomous in terms of resources
    • Ethernet 100 Base T Livewire compatible
    • DSP computing power: 8 Giga Flops (Sharc 40 bits with floating point)
    • GUI and drivers compatible 32 & 64 bits (Windows 7, Windows 8 & 8.1, Windows 10, 2008 R2, 2012 and Linux (Debian))
    • Multicard driver (the quantity of PCIe slots will be equal to the number of cards admissible in the same PC)
    • Start-up time of the SOUND4 STREAM x2: 15 seconds max to being On Air
    • 100% upgradeable and rapid update (only a 15-second sound interruption).
    • 4 to 8 independent channels
    • HQ sound, 192 kHz sound processing
    • AGC
    • Tone FX
    • 3-Band Processor
    • 4-Band Limiter
    • Brickwall Limiter
    • Presets centralization and sharing
    • Link & Share ready
    • Ultra-low delay ~5 milliseconds
    • MP3: 32 to 320 kbps
    • AAC: 8 to 264 kbps
    • HEAAC v1: 24 to 72 kbps
    • HEAAC v2: 16 to 44 kbps
    Compatible with All Delivery Standards
    • Darwin
    • Flash
    • Helix
    • Shoutcast v1 & v2
    • Icecast 2
    • Wowza
    Protocols: HTTP/ICY, RTSP/RTP Unicast, RTP Multicast, RTMP, RTMPE, RTMPS, RTMPTE, RTMPTS.
    Automatic SDP files generation for RTP Multicast receivers.
    User-friendly Control Interface
    Through the years, SOUND4 has come to be associated not only with the quality of our products, but also with their user-friendly interfaces. The SOUND4 VOICE ULA is part of this long tradition, with a number of assets to allow users easy access, setting and operability.
    • Easy control of all radio at your fingertips.
    • Sound setting from one single screen – you no longer need to open and close windows to go from one function to another.
    • Two modes - “Basic” and “Advanced”. Basic - provides simplicity and rapidity; Advanced – allows you to explore all of the processor functionalities.
    • Ultra-rapid VU meter for true control over modulation.
    • Unlimited “Undo/Redo” versioning function for presets with possibility of recall.
    • Innovative “compare” function with reference notion.
    • Log function for presets.
    • A remote connection manager to control several processors.
    • Works with the following operating systems: Microsoft XP SP3, Seven 32& 64 bits, Height 32 & 64 bits, Height 1, 2008 R2, 2012, Linux (Debian).
    Preset Sharing
    Thanks to Preset sharing, it is possible to share presets between cards. This is a real advantage for operators who will use a large number of cards, as their own preset will be accessible from all channels
    Practically there is no limitation for the Preset Sharing functionality, even if cards are not in the same network map. Preset Sharing uses UDP protocol.
  • Wide Band AGC
    One of the main processing functions of the SOUND4 STREAM x2 is the Wide Band AGC - automatic gain control, operating in broad band. Its main purpose is to “even out” gaps of levels in terms of processing. The algorithm which was especially developed for this AGC is of the predictive type. It allows very high sound variations without any sort of pumping. Compared with other processors, control of the input gain is greatly facilitated. 
    Tone FX
    The Tone FX makes coloring of sound before dynamic processing possible. To do so, it groups together two types of processing functions:
    A 4-band parametric equalizer;
    An effect system making it possible to strengthen low frequencies and high frequencies.
    The two functions offer results that are entirely different, which is why they are gathered on one single screen.
    In Basic mode, use of the four parametric equalizers is simplified to the maximum. Only the gain for each correction is accessible. For FX Bass and FX Treble, dosage of the effect is also made accessible.
    In Advanced mode, users have access to all equalizer parameters (gain, frequency and Q factor).
    Stereo FX
    SOUND4 STREAM x2 has a true stereo enlarger, 100% mono-compatible. Its role is to sublimate the existing stereo image. It will thus never create stereo in mono sources.
    The 3-Band Process
    The 3-band Process is the heart of dynamic processing. The SOUND4 VOICE ULA algorithm guarantees the gain in each of the bands in order to complete sound stabilization. “Coloring” is controlled by the fidelity parameter. Thus, it is possible to have a purist and a colored sound texture.
    The 3-band Process is achieved through the revolutionary algorithm S.I.S. (Sound Impact System), which makes it possible to maintain the authenticity of the original sound attacks.
    The 3-band Process is extremely powerful and capable of absorbing very high variations of sound on its own, which is why it is not always necessary for the input AGC to operate.
    The 4-Band Limiter
    The main purpose of the 4-band Limiter is to prepare the work of the final limiter. It is also provided with a very powerful predictive algorithm, which has been simplified to the maximum, so that it is not encumbered with useless parameters.
    The Brickwall Limiter
    The Brickwall Limiter is an advanced algorithm which provides strong gain limitation, guaranteeing that there are no overs and no clipping.
  • Livewire Inputs & Outputs
    Type Livewire (Standard or Live Stream)
    Quantity 8
    Level Adjustable through SOUND4 x8 user software
    Connector Ethernet 100 base-T (on-board)
    8-Channel Audio Driver Inputs & Outputs
    Linux (Debian) Alsa
    Microsoft Windows WDM/Direct Sound compatible 32 & 64 bits: Windows 7 - Windows 8 - Windows 10 - Windows Server 2008 R2 - Windows Server 2012
    PCI Express Board
    Standard PCI express x1 (compatible with x2, x4, x8, x16 slots)
    Board Consumption 10 watts typical
    Size 185 x 106 mm (without connectors)
    Compatible Operating System For SOUND4 Remote Software
    Linux Linux (Debian)
    Microsoft Windows 32 & 64 bits: Windows 7 - Windows 8 - Windows 10 - Windows Server 2008 R2 - Windows Server 2012
    PC To Client Communication Interface
    TCP/IP Client (Remote) / Server (hosting PC) Architecture via Ethernet
    Link & Share 100% of parameters are accessible via telnet protocol
    Streaming Codecs
    MP3 32 to 320 kbps
    AAC 8 to 264 kbps
    HE-AAC v1 24 to 72 kbps
    HE-AAC v2 16 to 44 kbps
      RTSP/RTP Unicast
      RTP Multicast
    Delivery Server Compatibility
      Icecast 2
      Red 5
      Shoutcast v1 & v2


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