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Audio over IP codec
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The SOUND4 IP CONNECT offers customers much more than point-to-point sound streaming. It provides a variety of audio IP solutions by incorporating a unique combination of features.

Product Options

IP CONNECT -TX $1,898.00
IP CONNECT - RX $1,898.00
IP CONNECT - Tx + Rx $2,115.00
IP CONNECT - Dual Tx $2,429.00
IP CONNECT - Dual Rx $2,429.00
IP CONNECT - Dual TX + Rx $2,720.00
  • A world first:

    • Exists in one or two channels (optional)
    • Unidirectional or bidirectional links (optional)
    • Up to 32 destinations
    • Multiple built-in backup options
    • Stream replication without re-coding (optional)
    • Available in FM Processor option

    SOUND4 IP CONNECT – a product dedicated to dynamic audio networking

    The SOUND4 IP CONNECT offers customers much more than point-to-point sound streaming. It provides a variety of audio IP solutions by incorporating a unique combination of features. It takes signal processing into account, allows for synchronization and offers secure routing in the event of an IP link failure, as well as stream duplication without decoding and re-encoding. Delay is minimal, while the network architecture can be adjusted according to the new demands of the broadcasting environment.

    Live local programs manageable with two clicks

    SOUND4 IP CONNECT allows clients to create a live program with two clicks, to assign a group of transmitters to a particular studio and manage an IP network through the radio automation systems.

    Bandwidth Repartition

    Thanks to the IP Pass-Through functionality, it is possible to rebroadcast a link from a receiver without decoding and re-encoding. This functionality is really appreciated by broadcasters who need a significant bandwidth to deliver IP to many transmitters. Audio networking can be built like a tree - upon studio departure some links will serve four or five receivers, then each receiver will rebroadcast without decoding to four or five others receivers.

    Secure Links Central to our Products

    The SOUND4 IP CONNECT was specifically developed with the aim of providing you with secure links and backup. Users can set a backup link in case the main one fails. Moreover, the SOUND4 IP CONNECT is the first Audio over IP codec which manages fall-back links with dynamic data assignment. For example, a radio can use an ADSL link for the main service and an IP satellite (2-way) for backup. The main advantage of the 2-way satellite is the cost because it is usually used for a limited quantity of data transfer. At the same time, the cost is also a disadvantage if the data transfer is not achieved. With the SOUND4 IP CONNECT Fall-back link management, it is possible to start or stop sending data to the satellite when needed. The basic subscription for a 2-way satellite can cover a backup program for more than 20 hours per week.

    A Built-in Pre-processor Optimizing the Codec’s Performance

    As a manufacturer who specializes in sound processing, we always pay attention to levels. With the SOUND4 IP CONNECT, we have implemented a pre-processor to optimize levels and the performance of the codecs. The SOUND4 IP CONNECT can be used in all circumstances, even in live broadcasting where levels are not always correctly controlled. Another advantage is the fact that pre-processing is by-passable for users who do not need it.

    Up to 32 Links Supported

    The SOUND4 IP CONNECT can handle up to 32 links, each of them being able to run a single-way or a duplex transmission. All links are dynamically re-assignable with the Link & Share protocol.

    Software Options Available *

    • PCI Audio Driver In
    • PCI Audio Driver Out
    • Streaming Extension
    • IP Tx
    • IP Tx2
    • IP Rx
    • IP Rx2
    • IP RX + Tx
    • Dual IP Tx + RX
    • IP Pass Through
    • Breakout cable for FM/HD processors and IP CONNECT (PCIe In-Card)
    * All Software Options are subject to an additional payment. For pricing please Contact Us.
  • The SOUND4 VOICE ULA is an innovative solution we have created with the aim of bringing you the multifunctionality that we value so highly. Here are just a few of the features that guarantee the high quality of our product.
    • PCI Express x1 card (compatible with x2, x4, x8 and x16 slots)
    • 100% autonomous in terms of resources
    • Ethernet 100 Base T Livewire compatible
    • DSP computing power: 8 Giga Flops (Sharc 40 bits with floating point)
    • GUI and drivers compatible 32 & 64 bits (Windows 7, Windows 8 & 8.1, Windows 10, 2008 R2, 2012 and Linux (Debian))
    • Multicard driver (the quantity of PCIe slots will be equal to the number of cards admissible in the same PC)
    • Start-up time of the SOUND4 VOICE ULA card: 15 seconds max to being On Air
    • 100% upgradeable and rapid update (only a 15-second sound interruption).
    User-friendly Control Interface
    Through the years, SOUND4 has come to be associated not only with the quality of our products, but also with their user-friendly interfaces. The SOUND4 VOICE ULA is part of this long tradition, with a number of assets to allow users easy access, setting and operability.
    • Control of all mics on one screen
    • Sound setting from one single screen – you no longer need to open and close windows to go from one function to another.
    • Two modes - Easy and Full. Easy - provides simplicity and rapidity; Full – allows you to explore all of the processor functionalities. There are also ultra-rapid VU meters for true control over modulation.
    • Unlimited “Undo/Redo” versioning function for presets with possibility of recall.
    • Innovative “compare” function with reference notion.
    • Log function for presets.
    • A remote connection manager to control several processors.
    • Works with the following operating systems: Microsoft: XP SP3, Seven 32& 64 bits, 2008 R2, Linux (Debian)
    • 1 to 8 independent channels**
    • Outputs - independent or mixed in 1 or 2 buses
    • HQ Sound 192 kHz Sound Processing:
    • Advanced DeEsser
    • 3-Band Noise Gate
    • 3-Band Dynamic Processor
    • 4-Band Parametric EQ
    • Brick Wall Limiter
    • Presets centralization and sharing
    • Multi-Studio Ready
    • Session Recall
    • Link & Share ready
    • Main sampling process frequency 192 kHz
    • Ultra low delay ~3 milliseconds.
    Multi-Studio Mode
    The SOUND4 VOICE ULA4 can process separately up to 4 microphones. Thanks to the Multi-Studio mode, a SOUND4 VOICE ULA can distribute resources over several studios. This means that if a user has two studios to equip with three microphones each, a single SOUND4 VOICE ULA4 provides an easy solution due to the fact that it can function as two processors, operating separately for each studio. Moreover, studios can Save and Recall their own sessions.
    In-House User Presets Centralization
    This function facilitates work in multiple live and production studios. As long as there is a SOUND4 VOICE ULA in each of them, animators, interviewers, journalists and DJs will have access to their own presets in each studio.

    If a User preset is modified from one studio, thanks to the “in-house user presets centralization”, all other studios will be automatically updated. 

  • Input State
    The SOUND4 IP Connect has four inputs - Digital, Analog, PCI and IP. All inputs are "switchable" or "mixable" by Link & Share commands. On the software interface, the input currently in use is indicated by a triangle on the left side of its name. 

    Wide-band AGC
    With the SOUND4 IP Connect, the first processing function is the Wide-band AGC - automatic gain control whose main purpose is to even out gaps of levels applied in terms of processing. The algorithm specially developed for this AGC is of the predictive type. It allows for very high sound variations without any sort of pumping.
    The 2-Band Process
    The 2-band Process is the heart of dynamic processing. With the SOUND4 IP Connect, a single algorithm guarantees the gain in each of the bands in order to complete sound stabilization.
    The Final Limiter
    The Final Limiter is based on a look-ahead algorithm - the best way of controlling peaks without compromise.
  • Analog Input
    Quantity 1 stereo
    Level 2 ranges (+12 or + 24 dBu - software selectable)
    Impedance 10k
    Connector XLR female balanced and EMI suppressed
    Digital Input
    Quantity 1 stereo
    Standard AES 3
    Sampling Rate 32 to 192 kHz - 24 bits
    Connector XLR female balanced and EMI suppressed
    AES/EBU Input Sync
    Quantity/Connectors 1 BNC female connector
    Sync Type Word Clock - 32 to 192 kHz
    Level 1 to 6 volt
    Analog Output
    Quantity 1 stereo
    Level 2 ranges (+12 or + 24 dBu - software selectable)
    Load Impedance typical 10k - maximum load impedance 300 ohm at 24 dBu
    Digital Output
    Quantity 1 stereo
    Standard AES 3
    Sampling Rate 32 to 192 kHz - 24 bits
    Connector XLR male balanced and EMI suppressed
    Audio Performances
    Processing Delay From 1.5 to 3.5 ms, depending on the presets and audio path
    Frequency Response 30Hz - 20 kHz +/-0.2dB (measured on Analog output)
    Noise >90 dB
    Distortion <0.2% THD
    Separation >70 dB
    Audio Driver (Input & Output)
    Linux (Debian)  Alsa
    Microsoft Windows WDM/Direct Sound compatible 32 & 64 bits: Windows 7 - Windows 8 -Windows 10 - Windows Server 2008 R2 - Windows Server 2012
    PCI Express Board
    Standard PCI express x1 (compatible with x2, x4, x8, x16 slots)
    Board Power Supply Connector type Molex IDE 4 pins - male
    Board Consumption 10 watts typical, 30 watts when all outputs are loaded to max
    Size 185 x 106 mm (without connectors)
    Compatible Operating System For SOUND4 PCIe Cards
    Linux Linux (Debian)
    Microsoft Windows 32 & 64 bits: Windows 7 - Windows 8 - Windows 10 - Windows Server 2008 R2 - Windows Server 2012
    SOUND4 REMOTE CONTROL Software Operating Systems
    Linux Linux (Debian)
    Microsoft Windows 2 & 64 bits: Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10, Windows Server 2008 R2, Windows Server 2012
    PC To Client Communication Interface
    TCP/IP Client (Remote) / Server (hosting PC) Architecture via Ethernet
    Link & Share 100% of parameters are accessible via telnet protocol


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