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6 Band FM and HD Audio Processor

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SOUND4 IMPACT - PCIe Card is a multi-functional product of advanced capabilities.

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IMPACT - PCIe Card $3,492.00
  • Position in the Product Line
    The SOUND4 IMPACT has no competition among the FM/HD processing PCIe-card-based tools not only in the SOUND4 product range, but also on the market all over the world.

    An innovative solution based on the latest technological developments, the SOUND4 IMPACT is a multi-functional product of advanced capabilities. Besides being a cutting-edge FM processing tool, it also provides a number of options whose price would constitute a 30-50% price increase if offered by a separate product, such as Basic and Full RDS, WebRadio Streaming, SOUND4 IP Connect (IP codec), local audio backup. The SOUND4 IMPACT effectively combines performance with cost-effectiveness to make it the smartest choice on the market.

    The SOUND4 IMPACT is also the first product in the range having unique features that significantly improve FM reception in degraded environments. When developing the product, all of the users who participated in the tests in critical environments found a significant improvement in terms of reception, which guarantees a larger audience in places where frequencies are disturbed.

    A Unique Processing Chain
    The SOUND4 IMPACT incorporates a unique processing chain with an innovative approach which is even described as revolutionary by its first users. A common problem users report is related to loudness variation between old and new titles. In some cases, the auditor may even decide to switch the radio station during sequences of old and recent titles. This is a concern for many program managers because a changing sound leads to loss of identity, and the auditor does not recognize their radio. With SOUND4 IMPACT, all these inconveniences are a thing of the past. The 2-band AGC is based on the signal strength and no longer on the electrical average values. It automatically detects differences in loudness to smooth out variations in sound perception. Its structure ensures perfect stability and enhanced vocals combined with a good bass presence.

    Another problem frequently observed in FM comes from variations in reception levels when the moving receiver switches from stereo to mono and vice versa. These changes affect the tone (loss of treble) but also the overall level of sound perception, so the sound "goes up and down" in addition to a “changing sound”. The SOUND4 IMPACT introduces an innovative process - mono and stereo parts of the signal are processed separately to obtain perfect homogeneity in terms of both sound and level. Therefore, in moving reception, when the FM receiver switches from stereo to mono and back to stereo, the sound variations and changes in level are reduced by over 90%. In the SOUND4 IMPACT processing chain, the stereo expander can then be used substantially without any limitations.

    But there is even more to the SOUND4 IMPACT, which sets it apart from any other product available on the market -a 3-band limitation section after the 6-band processing of dynamics. There is an easy answer as to why only 3 bands are used. This is due to the fact that the outputs of the limiter are added and they then feed the final limiter. The sum of the signals on three bands induces less variation in levels than in the case of 6 bands. The final limiter job is then more stable and therefore less subject to distortion when the processor is used for an important parameter such as loudness. Moreover, when it comes to loudness, the IMPACT is at the same level as the best, most popular and well-established products on the market. The structure of the final limiter consists of 3 limiters - one for basses, one for FM and one for the MPX. This is guaranteed to meet the expectations of the most demanding programs managers.
    Optional IP Audio Codec Solution
    The SOUND4 IMPACT has an empowered IP audio transport built-in option which allows for audio signals to be carried into IP from the studios to multiple transmitters. This option is called SOUND4 IP Connect, and can transmit a signal to up to 32 destinations. It is possible to re-broadcast a link to other locations without decoding and re-encoding. Security is at the heart of SOUND4 IP Connect, which offers backup links with automatic switching, a multi-gateway to use several modes of transport on the same card, alarm management with SNMP and an Alarm Stacker.

    Basic or Full RDS Encoder
    The SOUND4 IMPACT includes a basic or a full RDS encoder option, the latter being UECP-compatible.
    Six Streaming Encoders
    The SOUND4 IMPACT can perform Internet radio broadcasting for all types of media. It has six fully configurable encoders supporting MP3, AAC andHE-AAC v1 and v2. This option is compatible with the most popular servers (Icecast, Shoutcast, Flash, Wowza). Better yet, this option has the Adaptive Process for very low bitrates (i.e. HE-ACC 24kbps). In this case, a compensation algorithm corrects the codec in real time in order to make sure that quality loss is minimal

    Integrated Audio Backup Solution
    Much more than a mere processor, the SOUND4 IMPACT has Audio Backup functionalities. Due to the capacity of its hard disk to store audio files, it is the first processor that guarantees continuity of the on-air program, solving the problem of radio silence.

    Link & Share
    Like all PCIe card products, the SOUND4 IMPACT is compatible with Link & Share. This is a Telnet-like protocol that makes integration easier. All parameters are externally accessible and it is even possible to create scripts that will be sent by the broadcast automaton to change a PS, an input in mix mode, an IP route or an audio Preset. The SOUND4 IMPACT offers a large number of possibilities for the top performance that customers need.

    Software Options Available *
    • Basic RDS Encoder
    • Full RDS Encoder
    • PCI Audio Driver In
    • PCI Audio Driver Out
    • Streaming Extension
    • IP Tx
    • IP Tx2
    • IP Rx
    • IP Rx2
    • IP RX + Tx
    • Dual IP Tx + RX
    • IP Pass Through
    • Breakout cable for FM/HD processors and IP CONNECT (PCIe In-Card)
    * All Software Options are subject to an additional payment. For pricing please Contact Us.



    • 100% autonomous in terms of resources - the card only requires power from the PC.
    • 4 inputs - AES from 32 to 192 kHz, analog, IP (Livewire or SOUND4 IP CONNECT) and PCI (audio driver).
    • Mixing of inputs and automatic safety function.
    • 5 simultaneous and independent outputs - TX1, TX2, AES, Analog IP (Livewire or SOUND4 IP CONNECT) and PCI (audio driver).
    • Routing of signals for outputs.
    • Relay switch for automatic by-pass.
    • Digital AES/EBU synchronization input.
    • DSP computing power - 4 Giga Flops (Sharc 40 bits with floating point).
    • GUI and driver compatible 32 & 64 bits - Windows 7, Windows 8 & 8.1, Windows 10, 2008 R2, 2012 and Linux (Debian)
    • Multicard driver (the quantity of PCIe slots will be equal to the number of cards admissible in the same PC).
    • Start-up time of the SOUND4 IMPACT card - 2 seconds max to being on air.
    • 100% upgradeable and fast. While updating the card, the sound is interrupted for only two seconds.

     User-Friendly Control Interface

    • Sound setting from one single screen - you no longer need to open and close windows to go from one function to another.
    • Two modes - Easy and Full. Easy - provides simplicity and rapidity; Full - allows you to explore all of the processor functionalities. There are also ultra-rapid VU meters for true control over modulation.
    • Unlimited “Undo/Redo” versioning function for presets with possibility of recall.
    • Innovative “compare” function with reference notion.
    • Log function for presets.
    • A readable and interactive diagram.
    • A remote connection manager to control several processors.
    • Works with the following operating systems - WXP SP3, W7 32& 64 bits, W8 32 & 64 bits, WS 2008 R2, WS 2012, Linux (Debian).


    HQ Sound, main sampling process frequency of 192 kHz.

    • 2-band AGC.
    • 4-band EQ + Tone FX and Stereo FX.
    • Stereo enhancer.
    • 6-band process with Fidelity and Sound Impact System (S.I.S.).
    • 3-band limiter.
    • 4-band EQ.
    • Final limiters
    • FM path - Bass Clipper + FM Limiter + MPX Limiter
    • HD path - Look Ahead limiter for the HD outlet.
    • BS412 compliant MPX power controller.
    • Ultra low delay - 30 milliseconds.

    Others key points:

    • Stereo Matrixing for better stability in loudness and sound tone when the receiver switches from mono/stereo/mono.
    • 19 kHz embedded pilot to gain close to 1 dB in loudness.


    • Basic RDS encoder (with scrolling PS)
    • Full RDS (UECP-compatible)
    • IP Codec - SOUND4 IP Connect
    • Audio Backup - thanks to the audio driver
    • Audio streaming - 6 encoders (MP3, AAC, HE-AAC v1 & v2), compatible with all delivery servers (Icecast, Shoutcast v1 & V2, Flash, Wowza)
    • Replication of inputs
    • Link & Share - 100% of all parameters are accessible via the telnet protocol
    • Panels - the device allows you to create your own panels with unlimited functionality
    • Preset Sharing - the ultimate solution to managing an unlimited number of processors. All of them are automatically updated if a one of them is modified


  • Input State
    The SOUND4 IMPACT has four inputs - Digital, Analog, IP (Livewire or SOUND4 IP Connect) and PCI.
    On the software interface, the input currently in use is indicated by a triangle on the left side of its name.
    2-Band AGC
    With the SOUND4 IMPACT, the first processing function is the 2-Band AGC - automatic gain control whose main purpose is to stabilize the loudness level applied to the input of the processor and prevent noticeable level differences between recent and old titles.
    Tone FX
    The Tone FX makes coloring of sound before dynamic processing possible. To do so, it groups together two types of processing functions:
    A 4-band parametric equalizer;
    An effect system making it possible to strengthen low frequencies and high frequencies.
    The two functions offer results that are entirely different, which is why they are gathered on one single screen.
    In Basic mode, use of the four parametric equalizers is simplified to the maximum. Only the gain for each correction is accessible. For FX Bass and FX Treble, dosage of the effect is also made accessible.
    In Advanced mode, users have access to all equalizer parameters (gain, frequency and Q factor).
    Stereo FX
    SOUND4 IMPACT has a true stereo enlarger, 100% mono-compatible. Its role is to sublimate the existing stereo image. It will thus never create stereo in mono sources.
    In addition to embellishing the stereo image, it also has a 3-band stereo image limiter acting on the control of the energy transmitted by the stereo sub-porter at 38 kHz. This unique functionality limits issues currently caused by the traditional enlargement processes. The stability of reception in areas disturbed by multiple routes is thus greatly optimized.
    The 6-Band Process
    The 6-band Process is the heart of dynamic processing. With SOUND4 IMPACT, a single algorithm guarantees the gain in each of the bands in order to complete sound stabilization. “Coloring” is controlled by the Fidelity parameter. Thus, it is possible to have a purist and a colored sound texture.
    The 3-band Process is achieved through the revolutionary algorithm S.I.S. (Sound Impact System), which makes it possible to maintain the authenticity of the original sound attacks.
    The 3-Band Limiter
    The main purpose of the 3-band Limiter is to prepare the work of the final limiter. It is also provided with a very powerful predictive algorithm, which has been simplified to the maximum, so that it is not encumbered with useless parameters.
    The 4-Band Parametric EQ
    The parametric 4-band equalizer is by far the most impressive feature of the SOUND4 IMPACT. It is not there to "build a sound"; it allows some last little touchup if necessary before the final limiting section.
    In Basic mode, use of the four parametric equalizers is simplified to the maximum. Only the gain for each correction is accessible. For FX Bass and FX Treble, dosage of the effect is also made accessible.
    In Advanced mode, users have access to all equalizer parameters (gain, frequency and Q factor).
    The Final Limiter
    The Final Limiter comprises two sections - one for FM applications and one for HD applications.
    The FM Section consists of a Bass Clipper, guaranteeing powerful bass without distortion, an FM limiter and an MPX limiter.
    The HD Section is specifically designed for high quality digital applications (HD/DAB/DRM). This is a look-ahead type of limiter and in this mode the outputs are not limited to 15 kHz.
    Assignment of Outlets
    The outlets of SOUND4 IMPACT are fully assignable. For example, the analog outlet may replicate the signal which is applied to the analog input, the digital outlet delivers an HD signal, the TX1 outlet delivers the MPX signal and the TX2 outlet drives the 19-kHz pilot signal.
    Quantity 1 stereo  
    Level 2 ranges (+12 or +24 dBu - software selectable)  
    Impedance 10 kΩ  
    Connectors XLR female balanced, EMI suppressed;   
    Quantity 1 stereo  
    Standard AES 3  
    Sampling Rate 32 to 192kHz, 24 bits  
       XLR female balanced , EMI suppressed;  
    AES/EBU Input Sync
    Quantity/Connector 1 BNC female connector  
    Sync Type Word Clock - 32 to 192 kHz  
    Level 1 to 6 Volts  
    SCA/RDS Input
    Quantity/Connector  1 BNC femail connector  
    Type Adder  
    Analog Output
    Quantity 1 stereo   
    Level 2 ranges (+12 or + 24 dBu - software selectable)  
    Load Impedance Tyical 10k - maximum load impedance 300 ohm at 24 dBu  
    Connectors  XLR male balanced, EMI suppressed;   
    Digital Output
    Quantity 1 stereo  
    Standard AES3  
    Sampling Rate 32 to 192kHz, 24 bits  
    Connectors XLR male balanced, EMI suppressed;   
    Stereo Generator MPX Output
    Quantity/Connector 2x separate oututs which can deliver MPX or 19 kHz pilot  
    Signal MPX or 19kHz pilot  
    Level 2 ranges (+6 or +18dBu - software selectable)  
    Load Impedance BNC female - EMI suppressed  
    Audio Performances
    Processing Delay  HD path  - 11ms, FM path - 30 ms  
    Frequency Response  30Hz - 15 kHz +/-0.2dB (de-emphasized measured on Analog output)  
    Noise >90 dB (de-emphasized)  
    Distortion  <0.2% THD (de-emphasized)  
    Separation >70 dB  
    Sub to Main Crosstalk /  Main to Sub Crosstalk >75 dB  
    Audio Drivers
    Linux (Debian) Alsa  
    Mircosoft Windows WDM/Direct Sound compatible 32 & 64 bits - Windows 7 - Windows 8 - Windows 10 - Windows Server 2008 R2 - Windows Server 2012  
    PCI Express Card
    Standard PCI express x1 (compatible with x2, x4, x8, x16 slots)  
    Board Power Supply Connector type Molex IDE 4 pins male  
    Board Consumption  10 watts typical, 30 watts when all outputs are loaded to max  
    Size 185 x 106mm (without connectors)  
    Compatible Operating System For SOUND4 PCIe Cards
    Linux Linux (Debian)  
    Microsoft Windows 32 & 64 bits - Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10, Windows Server 2008 R2, Windows Server 2012  
    Compatible Operating Sustem for SOUND4 Remote Software
    Linux Linux (Debian)  
    Microsoft Windows 32 & 64 bits - Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10, Windows Server 2008 R2, Windows Server 2012  
    PC To Client Communication Interface
    TCP/IP Client (Remote) / Server (Impact) architecture via Ethernet   
    Link & Share 100% All parameters are accessible via simple Telnet protocol  


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