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Sonifex SignalLED

Studio Illuminated signs
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Available in various LED colours, sizes and text, these signs will look great and add functionality to your studio.

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Single Flush 20cm RECORD sign $218.00
Single Flush 20cm ON AIR sign $218.00
Single Flush 20cm MIC LIVE sign $218.00
Single Flush 40cm RECORD sign $258.00
Single Flush 40cm ON AIR sign $258.00
Single Flush 40cm MIC LIVE sign $258.00
Single Flush 40cm PHONE sign $258.00
Single Flush 40cm TRAFFIC FLAG ON sign $258.00
SignalLED Remote $41.00
  • The SignalLED range of illuminated RGB LED signs are a new range of signs designed for outside recording, on-air & production studios, meeting rooms, conference rooms and for fixed installations. The sign itself contains the control electronics, and RGB LEDs are used, so the signs can be simply configured onsite for your particular requirements.


    RGB LEDs - Any Colours Possible

    The illuminating LEDs in the unit are RGB meaning that the colour of the sign can be selected on installation. You can configure the sign from one of 8 colours: white, green, red, blue, yellow, orange, cyan and magenta. 

     Dual Control Inputs

    The sign can be controlled by either, or both, of 2 pull-low inputs, e.g. a single input can be used to control a single ‘MIC LIVE’ sign, or 2 inputs can be used to control a twin ‘TX’ and ‘REH’ sign with independent control of each side of the sign.

     Different Display Modes

    Four modes of illumination are available:

    • Constant illumination.
    • Flashing, regularly on/off.
    • Pulsing - flashing, then off, repeated
    • Off

     Single or Twin Signs

    Each sign is 40cm or 20cm long. The 40cm signs can be split into two 20cm sides which can be separately, or jointly controlled, e.g. you can have a 40cm ‘ON AIR’ sign, or twin 2 x 20cm signs, such as ‘ON AIR’ and ‘MIC LIVE’.

     Flush or End Mounting

    The sign is supplied as standard so that it can be mounted flush to a wall, e.g. for the ‘TX’ & ‘REH’ sign shown. However, a mounting kit is available, LD-KE1, to mount the sign perpendicular to a wall, e.g. above a door, such as the ON AIR sign shown.

     Single 20cm Flush Mounting Sign

    These are the available choices for the smaller 20cm flush-mounting signs. Custom signs can be made to order, if required

     Simple Installation

    The signs are supplied with a 6V wall-wart power supply with international adapters for the UK, Europe, USA and Australasia & a 5m lead. Simply wire up your control signal(s) and DC input to the ‘screw terminal block’ inside the sign, route the cables through the integral cable clamp and mount the unit on the wall.

    An installation tool, the LD-IT can be used to hold the sign in place on the wall mount whilst you wire it up. The display mode and colour options are set-up using the optional Remote control unit ( additional charge)








  • Physical Specification
    Power Input: 5-7V DC
    40cm Sign: 500mA max
    Input Connector: 4 way screw terminal block
    Control Inputs: 2 x pull-down to 0V
  • PDF file SignalED configuration Chart
    SignalED configuration Chart
    Download now (308 kB)
  • 5 starsEasy to connect at the installation site.Low power consumption


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