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Solidyne 542 APC

Universal FM/AM Audio Processor & RDS Encoder & FM Modulation Monitor
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The 542 can be controlled locally from its OLED screen using the control wheel. It is not mandatory to connect with studies because it operates autonomously.

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542 APC $2,571.00
542 APC inc AoIP $2,893.00
  • The APC 542 can work stand alone managed from the Control Wheel and OLED Display but it can also be remote controlled from the Internet. You can create new settings using a simple PC or Tablet. It is the only processor that controls and optimizes the FM transmission using an internal FM Modulation Monitor.
    The 542 includes a new idea that has revolutionized the market: adding a FM Modulation Analyzer to the digital signal of your Radio. It allows fine tuning of 24 parameters and even check how your radio stations work to be sure that your radio is the best of town
    • Five bands worked with 5 x AGC; 5 x Comp; 5 x Limit; 5 x Clipper
    • Quadruples the power of its radio and sports programs Journalistic eliminating interference
    • World only that offers FREE Internet remote setting of the Processor + transmitter + antenna
    • Best voices of speakers for the music automatic mode - VOICE
    • Total flexibility: The 542 is a Universal Processor changing its performance by installing a new software
    • The software is updated remotely without interrupting programming to air and can do the same operator.
    • Monitor only includes FM radio with Sound Quality Analyzer
    • In case of failure of communication studies automatically switches audio input
    • One that lets you enhance the sound in the air correcting the chain: Coax Transmitter + cable + antenna.
    • Send messages to cell over transmission failures or operating
    • It includes internally to RDS Coder to see texts in FM receivers
    • It includes two versions of remote control software: one for engineers and one for operators (Commander Lite)
    • It includes MPX power meter and setting for constant energy with European standard ITU BS 412
    • Options 542 / AoIP for input and streaming RM-542 Remote control from studies

    The 542 also generates a list of 24 measurements of the on-air FM signal that you can send to Solidyne to have an accurate diagnosis of any technical problems.

    But there is much more, it is the first time that an audio processor and a Modulation Monitor operates together and synchronized under the control of an internal computer. And this opens up a new world that was never within the engineers reach even with the best modulation monitors of the market. This is due to the fact that the 542 not only measures the transmission; It generates the test signals to measure it after aired with no annoying the audience. This was never feasible before now it is possible to measure the stereo audio quality of the transmitter assembly + coaxial cable + antenna while the radio is on the air; without suspending the transmission for "technical adjustments".

    You can simply click on the mouse and make the measurements and generate a report so your engineer (or Solidyne) can advise you on how to improve your radio. 

    Now you can know if the channel separation is correct and the sound is of good quality by measuring the THD Harmonic Distortion, Signal to Noise Ratio, Stereo Phase Vector, RMS Power Levels, etc. 

    You can verify how the 542 APC changes the settings according to the musical themes that go to the air (through the signal of RDS) or pass from the musical adjustments to the setting "Announcers" when the console connects the microphones to the air all automatically.

    You will also receive an email on your phone or PC when any of the technical parameters or the human operation cause problems.

    You can control EVERYTHING with your radio operating 24 hours a day without having to leave the air to take measurements.

  • Specifcations
    Measured from balanced XLR inputs to XLR outputs   
    And from digital AES-3 input to AES-3 output  
    1-XLR3 connector 600 ohms balanced, Nominal level + 4 dBu. Max level + 24 dBu, Software adjusted.   
    2-RJ45 stereo balanced (compatible with StudioHUB) Nominal level -10 dBu to + 24 dBu, 600 ohms balanced.   
    3- Digital AES / EBU input transformer balanced) Nominal level -18 dBFS Adjust from -24 to 0 dBFS.   
    4-Optional digital stereo AoIP option for LAN Ethernet or Internet input.  
    RF Input: Digital Receiver for use as FM Monitor and Audio Analyzer
    VOICE / MUSIC change: GPI Input = + 5V ... + 15V for VOICE mode preset (On-Air microphones)  
    Voice/Music switch received from console in AoIP models.  
    Switching Between all Music Style Program settings using RDS data from studio.  
    1-Analog Balanced, XLR connector + 4 dBu; Z = 600, Max + 18 dBu, Flat frequency response  
    2- Analog unbalanced output RJ45 (Compatible with StudioHub) + 4 dBu / 600 ohms  
    3- Digital AES/ EBU, transformer balanced ) 0 VU at -12 dBFS   
    4 & 5 - MPX-1 & MPX-2 for FM transmitters (Normal & Emergency) 0 to 5.5 Vpp  
    Independent level software controlled, Z = 50 ohms   
    Differential output, BNC connector, floating ground 50 ohms.  
    Allows 45 dB canceling buzz & noise due to ground loops.  
    Protected for electrical storms 2 KV overload  
    Optional AoIP processed digital output in /AoIP models. It allows for direct audio streaming or for AoIP connection between different studios at the Radio / TV station.  
    In / Out Control
    Remote control by software of the Input - Output Matrix  
    Automatic programable transfer from one input to another when audio fail is detected.  
    Frequency Response
    ANALOG BAL = 20-16000 Hz +/- 0.3 dB  
    AES to AES = 20-16000 Hz +/- 0.3 dB  
    Measured below compression & Limiter threshold.  
    Harmonic Distortion
    ANALOG BAL = Below 0.005% @ 1 kHz  
    AES to AES = Below 0.002%  
    Dynamic Range
    AES to AES> 110 dBA  
    Stereo Separation
    > 80 dBA  
    Subsonic Filter
    Chebyshev 4th order, Selectable: OFF - 15 Hz - 20 Hz  
    Asymmetry Cancelling
    5:1 voice asymmetry reduction, using Khann-Bonello algorithm.  
    5 bands low level expander  
    One Wide-band AGC AGC and 5 bands (Leveler)  
    Multiband Compressors
    FIVE or more bands depending of software version used  
    Standard model of 5 bands includes: 5 x AGC (Levellers); 5 x Compressors; 5 x Limiters; 5 x Clippers   
    Linear Phase Crossovers  
    Full software control of all parameters  
    12 - 16 factory presets programs  
    Super BASS effect and Stereo Enhancer is standard in all software versiones.   
    Linear limiters with predictive technology (Look Ahead) gives the audience a full clean sound.  
    Pre-Processing Equalizer
    Full Parametric EQ With four bands. Each band with 2order passband filter with: a) Level Control; b) Frequency control; c) Q factor control (bandwidth)  
    Number of bands and stages, features, etc. are dependent on software version used  
    It can work in FM, AM, HD, TV & Streaming modes  
    Standard 542APC works in Five bands FM mode 0-50-75 uS  
    115 V / 230 V (rear switch selected) 50/60 Hz, 20 W  
    19 "rack mount. Module one (44.4 mm) // weight 3 kg Net; (4 Kg for courier freight )  
    DSP Stereo Coder
    MPX Output
    Two MPX outputs with individual remote level control by LAN or Internet   
    Differential output, BNC connector, floating ground 50 ohms which allows 45dB canceling due to buzz noise & ground loops  
    Level of each output adjustable from 0 to 5.5 Vpp  
    Frequency Response
    20-15000 +/- 0.2 dB  
    Plus 16 Khz / linear phase filter  
    Attenuation at 19 kHz> 80 dB  
    Harmonic Distortion
    From 30-12.000 Hz, below 0,01 %  
    Measured using Belar Digital Stereo decoder DSD-1A and Spectrum Analyzer  
    Signal to Noise Ratio
    Better than 85 dBA With reference to 100% modulation  
    Measured using Belar Digital Stereo decoder model DSD-1A  
    Stereo Separation
    > 65 dB at 1kHz  
    38 Khz Suppression
    Below - 80 dB Ref 100% modulation  
    57, 76, 95 Khz Suppression
    Below - 80 dB Ref 100% modulation
    Pilot Tone Stability
    +/- 0.002% (+/- 0.5 Hz)
    International RDS Encoder RDS / RBDS Signal
    Conforms to CENELEC EN50067 / EN 62106 /
    Control interface based on ASCII protocol commands and UECP
    Built-in weekly scheduling
    RDS Signal Bandwidth
    +/- 2.4 kHz (50 dBc)
    Spurious Suppression
    > 90 dB
    Harmonics Suppression
    > 80 dB
    Clock Reference
    Pilot Tone
    19 kHz pilot lock PLL bandwidth
    +/- 2 Hz
    Data Connector: RS-232
    RJ45 connector for TCP / IP Ethernet LAN
    Text features include dynamic PS, parsing, scrolling, fixed messages,scheduling and reading from HTTP
    Data Port Speed
    2400 - 9600 bps
    Supported Services
    PI Program Identification, M / S Music / Speech, PS Program Service, PIN Program-Item Number, PTY Program Type ECC Extended Country Code, TP Traffic Program, RT Radiotext, AF Alternative Frequencies, BDD Transparent Data Channels TA Traffic Announcement, IH in House Applications, PTYN Program Type Name, ODE Open Data Applications, DI Decoder Identification, CT-Clock Time and Date, EON Enhanced Other Networks information


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