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Qbit Q561-DVB

IP Audio Encoder
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The Q561-DVB IP Audio Encoder is the benchmark for high-end Audio Encoding. Based on the proven Qbit platform, our device provides highest signal quality, service without compromises and great build quality.

Product Options

Q561-DVB-AD4 $8,530.00
Q561-DVB-D8 $12,919.00
Redundant Power supply $459.00
ASI Output - Transport Stream output over ASI $407.00
DATA Port with Gigabit Ethernet / SFP Slot $229.00
AAC Encoding 02020077 max. 4 channels $105.00
AAC Encoding 02020275 4 or more channels $418.00
  • The Qbit Q561-DVB IP Audio Encoder sets standards for high quality audio encoding.

    Based on the proven Qbit platform, it provides highest signal quality, best build quality and service without compromise. Customers around the world trust our market leading DVB IP Audio Encoder.

    Up to 8 analog or digital stereo audio channels can be encoded simultaneously. They can then be put out as MPEG2 compliant DVB transport streams via IP or ASI interface. Each channel can be configured individually (e. g. compression algorithm, bit rate, stereo mode, etc.).

    If more than 8 stereo channels are required, you can cascade multiple Q561-DVBs and create a Transport Stream with up to 40 audio channels. The transmission of ancillary data and switching contact information (GPIO) is possible with the default interfaces.


    The Q561-DVB IP Audio Enccoder can be managed conveniently via the integrated web interface with all common web browsers. The device can be monitored and managed via SNMP. The basic setup and status monitoring can be performed with the control panel and the LC display at the front of the device.

  • Features

    • 1-8 stereo channels
    • encoding of analog or digital audio signals into a DVB compliant
    • MPEG2 transport stream (unicast or multicast)
    • cascading of up to 5 devices (max. 40 channels per transport stream)
    • several compression algorithms
    • MPEG 1/2 Layer II
    • AAC
    • Enhanced aptX (Optional Extra)
    • configuration of compression algorithm per audio channel
    • wide support of operating modes (stereo, joint stereo, dual mono, etc.)
    • all bit rates are supported according to the respective standards
    • 32kHz, 48kHz sampling rate
    • 24 Bit A/D converter
    • transmission of ancillary data (over IP or serial interface)
    • output of DVB compliant MPEG2 transport streams over IP or ASI
    • cascading of multiple encoders for > 8 channels per TS
    • modular design
    • many configurations can be ordered
  • The Qbit Q572 has various model ordering options, these are:-

    Q561-DVB-AD4 Analog and Digital 4 channel encoder (4 stereo channels in)

    Q561-DVB-D8 Digital 8 channel encoder (8 stereo channels in)

    Option: DATA Port with Gigabit Ethernet / SFP Slot

    Option: ASI Output - Transport Stream output over ASI

    Option: Redundant Power supply

    Option: AAC Encoding 02020077 MPEG-2 AACMPEG4-AC LCMPEG4-HE-AAC/V2(per stereo channel), max. 4 channels

    Option: AAC Encoding 02020275 MPEG-2 AACMPEG4-AC LCMPEG4-HE-AAC/V2(device license), 4 or more channels

  • PDF file Q561 Datasheet
    Q561 Datasheet
    Download now (570 kB)
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