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O. C. White Co. Ultimaâ„¢

SMS Scalable Monitor System
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Award winning design, redefining the broadcast studio standard through integrated design & unrivaled performance features available only from O.C. White®

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SMS-1 $234.00
SMS-LD-1-13 $479.00
  • Ultima™ SMS Scalable Monitor System

    With unprecedented flexibility and configurability, our Ultima™ SMS monitor system is a perfect companion to our Ultima™ LP series for studio integration. It can support up to six- 20lb. (9kg) flat panel monitors simultaneously, as well as offer a common mounting platform for our Ultima™ LP Mic Boom. This ‘all in one’ design helps streamline both the installation, and offers a cleaner studio layout. We offer the Ultima™ SMS as both complete package offerings, as well as parts à la carte. All of our standard packages start with our 18" (45.7cm) (12” optional) Vertical Riser (with modular table clamp/bolt through design). This allows for edge clamping, through-hole mounting, or to solidly bolt through any work surface with ease. All tools are included standard for mounting option adjustment.

    Each monitor arm assembly provided with our Ultima™ SMS features (1) 8” horizontal arm with integrated wire channel, as well as (1) Ultima™ Monitor Arm with swivel and VESA adapter. The interface for the monitor arms neatly nest into each other for permanent installation. Unlike competition, who sell monitor mounting products only with two fixed horizontal arms, we offer our adjustable Monitor Arms standard! They have a 10”+ height adjustment range for desired monitor placement.


    • Supports 90%+ of monitors in use today (up to 20 pounds)
    • Interchangeable mounting options attach to a variety of work surfaces
    • Integrated cable management system in all arms, as well as wire guide clips for vertical post
    • Supports up to (6) Monitors at once
    • Able to mount Ultima™ LP Mic Boom to SMS for All-in-One work station
    • System can grow with your needs – modular additional make revisions a snap!


  •  Ordering options:-

    Single Monitor

    • SMS-1 0-6lbs weight capacity
    • SMS-LD-1 Black & Charcoal 4-14lbs weight capacity
    • SMS-HD-1 6-20lbs weight capacity

    2 Monitors

    • SMS-2 0-6lbs weight capacity
    • SMS-LD-2 Black & Charcoal 4-14lbs weight capacity
    • SMS-HD-2 6-20lbs weight capacity

    3 Monitors

    • SMS-3 0-6lbs weight capacity
    • SMS-LD-3 Black & Charcoal 4-14lbs weight capacity
    • SMS-HD-3 6-20lbs weight capacity

    4 Monitors

    • SMS-4 0-6lbs weight capacity
    • SMS-LD-4 Black & Charcoal 4-14lbs weight capacity
    • SMS-HD-4 6-20lbs weight capacity

    5 Monitors

    • SMS-5 0-6lbs weight capacity
    • SMS-LD-5 Black & Charcoal 4-14lbs weight capacity
    • SMS-HD-5 6-20lbs weight capacity

    6 Monitors

    • SMS-6 0-6lbs weight capacity
    • SMS-LD-6 Black & Charcoal 4-14lbs weight capacity
    • SMS-HD-6 6-20lbs weight capacity
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