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Label Italy AKY3

FM Yagi Antenna
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Directional yagi antennas offer high gain, light weight and power handling up to 3kW.

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AKY/3N - 3-ele N-type $445.00
AKY/3M - 3-ele 7/16 $475.00
AKY/3F - 3-ele 7/8 EIA $507.00
  • A high power antenna, with no tuning or adjustment required

    • Broadband, no-tune design
    • High-power handling
    • Stainless steel construction
    • DC short for lightning protection

    The AKY3is a  three  element directional antennas. Designed to be the best choice when you need to concentrate your signal in a particular direction using a high power antenna. 

    The high-grade construction and DC short protection will provide peace of mind to stations who want to stay on air. No tuning or adjustment is needed for any frequency on the band, which allows this antenna to be used with any frequency transmitter. Our choice for commercial sites up to 800 Watts, 1500 Watts with two, and 3kW with four antennas.

    For higher power transmitters or extra gain, we can supply harnesses to stack (x bay) the AKY3s. Please contact sales for more information.

    A 500 Watt transmitter with a 4 bays of AKY3s will provide over 10kW (ERP) of power in the direction of the beam.

    Antenna type 3 element Yagi version
    Frequency range 87.5-108 MHz
    MAX power-handling 500w N-type, 1.5kW with 7/16
    Impedance 50 ohms
    Gain (1xADR3) 4.5dBd
    Gain (2xADR3) 7.5dBd
    VSWR Better than 1.35 (88-108MHz)
    Freq. range 88-108 MHz(no tune)
    Connector N-type (7/16 avail)
    Dimensions 1250mm x 1800mm x 65mm
    Weight 10Kg


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