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Inovonics Model 531N

Off-Air FM Mod-Monitor
Model 531N

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Frequency-agile with remote tuning. Shows total-mod, stereo audio, subcarriers and more!

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Model 531N $3,600.00
  • The Inovonics 531N, at a very affordable price, provides as accurate measurement of FM signal parameters whilst on air

    Incorporating all the necessary features for station setup, regulatory compliance, and remote monitoring, Inovonics' 531N is the ultimate choice for essential FM signal monitoring. Dependable, direct input and off-air reception lets you keep a sharp eye on your total RF signal performance whether you’re right at the transmitter site or half way around the world. 
    The high-resolution LED bargraph displays are easy to read, and a "floating dot" program peak marker eliminates any ambiguity in the total-mod measurement. Off-air readings are qualified by Inovonics' exclusive multipath indicator, which also aids in antenna alignment during initial station build-outs. In addition, readouts of signal strength and synchronous AM noise qualify the incoming signal and validate measurements.
    Rear-panel alarms constantly check for Audio Loss, RF Loss, Multipath and Overmodulation, while advanced notifications alert personnel with e-mail or SMS messaging when any or all of the alarms occur.
    • Complete set of metering and measurement tools to ensure FM broadcast regulatory compliance worldwide.
    • Separate inputs for Antenna, High Level Ê»directʼ RF, and composite signal measurements.
    • Full-time display of Signal Strength and Multipath effects, plus Synchronous AM noise output (BNC) to validate readings and aid in antenna alignment.
    • Composite and Balanced analog Left and Right line outputs.
    • Front panel metering for subcarrier injection levels: 38kHz, 57kHz (RDS), 67kHz, & 92kHz.
    • Advanced Metering includes an FFT Spectrum Analyzer for the MPX, Left/Right XY plots and audio levels over time.
    • Alarms for Peak Overmodulation, Signal Loss, Program Audio Loss and Multipath.
    • Rear-panel closures to ground enable remote alarm indications and preset station switching.
    • “Responsive” Remote Control Web interface with live audio streaming.
    • SNMP control and support.
  • PDF file 531N Brochure
    531N Brochure
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