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Inovonics AARON 640

FM Rebroadcast Receiver

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AARON 640 is Inovonics’ totally-new FM rebroadcast/translator receiver, built to handle the most challenging reception scenarios

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AARON 640 $2,100.00
  • A digital receiver that is user friendly, with easy set up and menu display to point you in the right direction

    Inovonics' AARON 640 is a new premium FM rebroadcast/translator receiver developed to meet challenging reception scenarios. Boasting off air performance superior to even the most elite professional and consumer receivers, AARON 640 provides many of the features of it's big brother AARON 650, but at a budget-friendly price point. 
    The extremely sensitive and selective front end of the AARON 640 digitally decodes the entire Analog baseband. Outputs are low-latency MPX, Balanced Analog and AES-Digital signals for retransmission. 
    The back panel provides a 50 Ohm (N) antenna connector, a true (off air) composite outputs, Balanced Analog and AES-Digital audio, and remote IP access. Rear-panel and self-logging alarms constantly check for Audio Loss, RF Loss, and RDS Loss (or ‘hijacking’). Online notifications can alert personnel with e-mail or instant text messages when any of the alarms occur. The front panel displays left and right audio metering, local LED alarms and an LCD screen with jog wheel for advanced control and editing of all tuning and monitoring parameters. 
    AARON 640's "responsive" web interface allows complete setup, listening, logging and control of the unit from your PC, tablet or smartphone, and reliable 2-way connectivity is ensured with a built-in Dynamic DNS utility. Advanced off-air metering tools include an FM BandScanner and FFT of the MPX region. Reception bandwidth, auto-blending and many other receiver parameters are controlled via manual or automatic reception processing. 

    • High-performance ‘Software-Defined-Radio’ design.
    • Synchronous (low-latency) off-air composite output.
    • Balanced Analog and AES-Digital Program Line outputs.
    • Active reception processing for Bandwidth, Stereo Blend, HF Blending and more.
    • BandScanner for onsite RF Spectrum Analysis.
    • Local alarm tallies plus self-logging alarms constantly check for Audio Loss, RF Loss and RDS Loss.
    • Remote control web interface and listening + email and text notifications.
  • PDF file AARON 640 datasheet
    AARON 640 datasheet
    Download now (1,005 kB)
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