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Henry Engineering SixMix

USB Broadcast Mixer
SixMix USB Mixer

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Radio mixer. 10 inputs include an integral A/D + D/A digital audio codec with USB

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SixMix USB Mixer $1,350.00
  • 6 channels
    2 mic inputs
    8 stereo line inputs
    USB interface to PC
    Mix minus output for telephone hybrids

    The SixMix is designed for live broadcasting as well as recording, editing, and other production tasks. There is a stereo programme mixing bus, a mix-minus output, a cue bus with internal cue speaker, and comprehensive headphones and monitor systems. Other features include a talkback system, guest headphone facilities, and accurate audio level metering. SixMix is ideally suited for use in a broadcast studio, news room, radio automation system, remote broadcast facility, emergency studio, internet broadcast station, or editing suite. With a footprint about the size of a laptop computer, it is a compact yet versatile and powerful audio production tool that is intuitive and easy to use.
  • SixMix accommodates 10 inputs with 6 mixing channels. Channels 1 & 2 are for dynamic microphones. Each Mic channel includes an on/off switch and a cough button. 

    Channels 3 through 6 are for line-level sources like CD players. Each line channel accepts two stereo line sources: the ‘A’ input is for professional equipment and the ‘B’ input is for consumer units. 
    Input 6A is the built-in digital audio codec for recording and playback using a computer. Any O/S and software that supports USB 1.1 (or higher) can be used - no special software or drivers are needed.  The PC-Direct SPDIF digital output permits feeding digital PC-playback audio (only) to a transmitter or web-streaming interface.
    SixMix also includes a mix-minus output for use with a telephone hybrid. And a cue system with a built-in cue speaker.  Two headphone facilities are provided, the second using a Henry Engineering MultiPhones Guest Pod.
    Mic logic tally outputs are provided to interface with a Henry Engineering Superelay for control of on the air tally lights. Other features include accurate LED VU meters that conform to ANSI standards for VU meter ballistic response, and a front panel 3.5mm stereo input jack for quick connections.
    SixMix offers the best of both worlds: the reliability of an analogue console with the efficiency of digital audio. 
    Technical Specifications
    MIC inputs:     -60 dBu to –40 dBu, 10K, balanced, for low-Z professional microphones
    MIC Process:     Post-preamp loop-thru: -10dBu, unbalanced
    LINE - A Inputs:     +4 dBu, 10K, balanced, stereo (3X, 3A-5A)
    LINE - B Inputs:     -10 dBu, 10K, unbalanced, stereo (4X, 3B-6B)
    USB Interface:     Internal 16-bit codec: 32.0, 44.1, or 48.0 kHz, USB 1.1 or higher (6A)
    AIR Input:     +4 dBu, 10K, balanced, stereo
    PGM Output:     +4 dBu, balanced, stereo, 600 ohm load. Max output: +24dBu
    MIXMINUS Output:     0 dBu, unbalanced, 600 ohm load, Max output: +18 dBu
    MONITOR Output:     -10 dBu nom, unbalanced. 600 ohm load. Max output: +18 dBu
    REC Output:     -10 dBu, unbalanced, stereo, Max output: +18 dBu
    BOOTH Output:     For use with Henry Engineering MultiPhones Guest Pod
    PHONES Output:     For use with stereo headphones, 24 ohms or higher
    SPDIF Output:     SPDIF output of computer play audio
    Frequency response:     20 Hz - 20 kHz, +/- 0.5 dB
    S/N, idle:     93 dB
    S/N, 1 Line ch. On:     88 dB
    S/N, 1 Mic ch. On:     75 dB w/ 50 dB mic preamp gain
    Mic chan. EIN:     -125 dBu
    THD:     004% at operating level; .002% at max level
    IMD:     007% at operating level, .009% at max level
    Input headroom:     30 dB (pre fader)
    Output headroom:     20 dB (post fader)
    Crosstalk:     70 dB @ 1 kHz; 65 dB @ 10 kHz
    MixMinus null:     30 dB
    AC Input:     P115 OR 230 VAC, 9 watts.  
    Power Supply:     Internal linear supply with toroidal power transformer
    Physical:     30.48cm W x 20.32cm D x 7.62cm H
    Weight:     2.27kg
    For further information on Henry Engineering, please see their web site at 


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