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Henry Engineering SAM Systems Alert Monitor

System Status & Alert Monitor
SAM Systems Alert Monitor

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SAM provides visual indication of systems status, important alerts, and emergency situations.

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SAM Systems Alert Monitor $695.00
  • • Provides important alert indications to a video output
    • Alerts on emergency’s, status, or for indication
    • Up to 15 customisable messages can be displayed
    • Signal inputs from GPI or DC voltage
    • Optional audio and email alerts

    The Systems Alert Monitor (SAM) is a video-based device that monitors up to 15 status inputs, and provides an instant visual, audible, and/or email indication if anything goes wrong or needs attention by station personnel. SAM consists of a Status Interface Unit which generates ‘alert’ text messages that are displayed on a video monitor. Because the system is software-based, the text of the alert messages can be easily changed or reconfigured as necessary.
  • SAM has 15 ‘Alert’ inputs for monitoring your facilities equipment and systems. The alert inputs can be wired to virtually anything that provides some kind of status or fault signal. For example, the station air monitor would provide a fault signal if the carrier goes off the air. A silence-sensor would provide a fault signal if the station lost audio or lost a channel. EAS receivers provide an output when an EAS message is received. Or your transmitter remote control system would generate an alarm output if the transmission line has an excessive SWR condition.

    There could be other situations that a presenter should know about: the request line is ringing, or there’s someone at the back door. All of these situations can be monitored by SAM, which will display text messages on a video monitor that’s easily seen by the presenter or tech op on duty.
    All of SAMs alert inputs should be isolated ‘dry’ GPI contact closures; this is fairly common with professional broadcast gear. But there could be instances where some equipment provides a DC voltage instead of a contact closure. For this reason, SAM includes two Input Isolator circuits that can accept a DC voltage or any connection that isn’t truly isolated. In addition, SAM also includes two ring detectors that will sense ringing on a standard POTS phone line. These would be used to trigger a SAM alert when the line rings, e.g., for phone in lines or for that call from the PD on his hotline.
    The beauty of SAM is its ease of setup. It can be customized for each installation by the user, in a matter of a few minutes. By using a standard PC keyboard and mouse (SAM has 4 USB ports), SAMs Alert messages can be programmed for each of the 15 Alert inputs. 
    For each alert, there are two optional functions: Audio and Email. By checking the Audio box, an audio message will play when the visual alert appears on-screen. SAM is supplied with a few dozen ‘stock’ audio messages, although you can use any mp3 audio file and link it to any Alert.
    The Systems Alert Monitor is ideal for use in studios, transmitter sites, or any control facility. It’s an effective way to monitor multiple systems simultaneously and notify personnel of important system status or priority situations. 
    For further information on Henry Engineering, please see their web site at  
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