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Eupen Connectors

for 1/2 inch Cable
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N-type male & female RF connectors for 1/2 inch EC4-50 cable. 7/16 male & female RF connectors for 1/2 inch EC4-50 cable.

Product Options

EC4-50 N-Male Connector $20.40
EC4-50 N-Female Connector $20.40
EC4-50 7/16-Female Connector $24.90
EC4-50 7/16-Male Connector $24.90
EC4-50 7/16-Male to N type adaptor $102.00
    • Easy to attach
    • Corrugated copper cable connectors
    • No soldering is required for the attachment of any of the connectors
    • High quality silver plating is used on all parts in the electrical path
    • Electroless nickel plating on all mechanical parts

    Various connectors are available, please make your selection from the product options. These are HIFLEX connectors which may not fit standard 1/2" cables

    More detailed specifications are available on the downloadable PDF sheet.

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