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Eupen 1+5/8 inch

EC7-50 Cable
1 5/8 per meter

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Eupens 1+5/8 inch cable meeting the same high standard as Andrew but at a lower price.

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1 5/8 per meter $37.00
  •  Cable with standard UV resistant PE jacket that is halogen free according to IEC 60754

    Inner conductor
    -Material    Corrugated copper tube
    -Diameter (mm)    17.7

    -Material     Gas-injected cellular polyethylene
    -Diameter(mm)     43.0

    Outer conductor
    -Material     Corrugated copper tube
    Diameter (mm)      46.6

    Outer sheath  
    -Material     Black polyethylene
    -Thickness (mm)     1.7
    Diameter  (mm)     50.0


    Minimum bending radius
    Single bending(cm)     20
    15 repeated bends (cm)   40

    Maximum pulling strength (daN)
    Recommended tempreture range
    -Storage          -70 to +85 C
    -Installation      -40 to +60 C
    -Operation       -55 to +85 C

    Max. length per hoisting frip (m)        70
    Max hanger spacing (m)                       1.5
    Flat place crush resistant (kg/mm) 
    Bending moment (Nm)                           45
    Weight (kg/km)                                     1070

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