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Directional Coupler
Directional Coupler

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A directional coupler optimised for the 87.5-108Mhz FM broadcast band but useful up to 2Ghz..

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Directional Coupler $457.00
  • This precision made VHF-UHF Directional 50 Ohm Coupler, is capable of a frequency range of DC to 2Ghz and optimised for the 87.5MHz -108MHz FM broadcast band, and comes with N-type male to N-type female for the through line, with the forward and reflected lines on female BNC connectors.

    With a minimum of 26 dB directivity, and typical coupling of 20dB at 435MHz this is our dual directional coupler of choice.

    Frequency (MHz) DC - 2GHz
    Typical Coupling (dB) 29 / 20 / 14
    Absolute Calibration Accuracy (dB) 0.15dB
    Directivity (dB min) 32 / 32 / 26
    VSWR (max.) prim. line 1.10:1
    VSWR Secondary line 1.10:1
    Power (max.)CW

    1.5kW at 100MHz

    Power (max.)PEP 2000/ 500/ 200
    Impedance (ohms) 50
    Primary Connectors N-type Male to N-type Female
    Secondary Connectors BNC Female
    Dimensions (mm) 120x62x25
  • 4 starsPerfect , this coupler just plugs straight in without any fuss.

    Anonymous visitor

    5 starsPerforms well and to spec.
    Repeatability between units is good.
    Would be nice if it wasn't quite so expensive!

    Martin from United Kingdom

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