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DEVA Broadcast DB 9000RX

Professional IP Audio Decoder
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The DB9000-RX allows you to quickly and painlessly integrate existing audio systems to the Internet.

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DB 9000RX $1,158.00
DB-9000RX Stereo & RDS Encoder Module $1,348.00
  • The DB9000-RX is an integrated client for IP transmitted digital audio signal. This is a device designed to support HE-AAC and MPEG-1 Layer 3 compressed audio streams and PCM uncompressed stream for audio transmission without quality loss. Decoding takes place in real time by a powerful DSP processor and the output signal is both in digital and analog form. DB9000-RX have built-in backup player for continuous audio play in case of signal loss or connection with server. With the optional Stereo and RDS Encoders, DB9000-RX becomes complete tool for audio rebroadcast. The Stereo Encoder has its own DSP processor which allows generation of fully digital composite MPX signal with high stereo quality. With its RS-232 port, DB9000 could be transformed into Ethernet to RS-232 Redirector, allowing to control any other existing equipment over Internet.

    The DB9000-RX allows you to quickly and painlessly integrate existing audio systems to the Internet.

    Developed with ease of use, DB9000-RX can be managed through a standard Web browser, PC, PDA or other device, making it the best choice for professional and consumer use.


  • Features 

    • High Quality HE-AAC (v.1 and v.2) and MPEG-1 Layer 3 Codecs
    • 32 kHz, 44.1 and 48 kHz sample rates support
    • Support of all standard bitrates and VBR as well
    • Shoutcast / Icecast compatible TCP/IP stream client
    • Auto switching to another server in the event of a connection loss
    • 4 LEDs and Phones output for quick diagnostics
    • IP address pronunciation at startup (through the headphones)
    • Full Control and easy setup with any web browser
    • Entirely Digitally Generated Composite MPX Stereo Signal
    • Digital stereo encoder with pre-emphasis, AGC and equalizer
    • Fully Dynamic RDS encoder
    • UPnP for easy discovery in Local Networks
    • Audio Backup on connection or audio loss
    • SD Card for Audio Backup Storage
    • Ethernet to RS-232 Redirector
    • MPX Limiter


  • Audio Decoder
    Codec HE-AAC (v.1 and v.2),; MPEG-1 Layer 3; raw PCM
    Sample rates 32 kHz, 44.1 kHz, 48 kHz
    Bitrates All standard bit rates, including VBR
    Stream client
    Type Shoutcast/Icecast compatible TCP/IP client
    Servers Up to 3 with auto-switch on failure
    Audio backup
    Trigger Connection loss or audio silence
    Threshold Adjustable, -90dBFs to 0dBFs
    Trigger time Adjustable, 1s to 240s
    Storage SD Card, up to 2GB
    Supported encoders HE-AAC (v.1 and v.2), MPEG-1 Layer 3
    Supported file types *.MP3, *.AAC, *.M4A, *.M3U
    Playback modes Alphabetical ascending and descending, Shuffle, Playlist and Shuffled playlist
    Remote file management Build-in FTP server
    Analog audio output
    Connector 2 x XLR, Balanced
    Frequency response ±0.5dB, 5Hz-20kHz
    Distortion <0.01% THD+N
    Level +12dBu, user selectable
    Sample rate Same as the source stream
    Dynamic range >100 dB
    Digital audio output
    Connector XLR
    Type AES/EBU (IEC 60958)
    Sample rate 48 kHz
    Resampling Thru build-in sample rate converter
    Stereo encoder (option)
    Type Fully DSP stereo encoding
    Pre-emphasis 0, 50, 75µs
    AGC 5 presets, 2 user defined
    Equalizer 3-Band, ±12dB range
    Stereo separation >55dB (typically >60dB)
    Phase Adjust Pilot, L-R, RDS
    Injection Levels Adjust Pilot, RDS
    Output Connector BNC, Unbalanced
    Output Level Adjust Digitally, up to +12dBu
    Composite MPX Limiter 6 presets, 3 user defined
    RDS encoder (option)
    Supported RDS Applications PI, PS, Dynamic PS AF, RT, TP, TA, DI, M/S, PIN, PTY, PTYN
    Configuration Web interface
    Automation control Remote TCP console
    Output Connector BNC, Unbalanced
     Output Level Adjust Digitally, up to +6dBu
    Phones audio output
    Connector 6.3mm jack, stereo
    Type Headphones
    User interface
    Indicators 4 LEDs on front panel, 2 LEDs on rear panel
    Web interface Full control and status information
    Type TCP/IP to RS-232 Redirector
    Connector DB-9
    Baud rates 9600 to 115200
    Password protection YES
    Connector RJ-45
    Type Ethernet
    Device discovery UPnP support
    Operating conditions
    Temperature 10°C - 45°C
    Humidity < 75%, non-condensing
    Power requirements
    Power supply 115/230V AC (internal switch), 18VA
    Connector IEC320, rear panel
    Size and weight
    Dimension (W x H x D) 1U, 19” x 1.7” x 6.9”
    Weight 8 lbs (3.6Kg)


  • PDF file DB9000RX Brochure
    DB9000RX Brochure
    Download now (528 kB)
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