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BW Broadcast TX5 V2

Stereo FM Transmitter
TX5 V2

(14 reviews)

DSP audio processor, Stereo Encoder, Ethernet, email and iphone control, Reliable & 24/7 support

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TX5 V2 $1,495.00
  • The TX5 V2 FM transmitters are perfectly suited for micro power radio stations, cable TV FM modulators, real estate advertising, lab testing and other applications that demand BW Broadcast quality. Packed with features to improve sound quality & reliability. Built in 4-band DSPX audio processing, Ethernet control and FSK IDer eliminates the need for any additional equipment. Quite simply, the best 5W FM Transmitter on the planet.

    Radio ‘Pick Hit’ winning V2 FM Transmitters are packed with features to improve sound quality & reliability.

    The TX5 V2 has integrated multi-band DSPX audio processing that means stations without a dedicated processor sound great, right out of the box. It also has one of the industry’s cleanest exciters and an ultra-low distortion modulator which go to make it a highly stable FM transmission system. Clean, loud, market leading audio performance that will crush the competition.

    We’ve made our transmitters the most intelligent on the market by adding Remote Control, Email Alerts, Silence Detection, Advanced Alarms as well as an In-built Logger. All of these features make it easy for you to monitor the status of your transmitter. It will email you if it has a problem and keep a log of any issues to be investigated. You can also adjust settings remotely if required. All these features are designed to give you peace of mind and save you time.

    Configurable Status and Alarm Ports, to signal to, and control external equipment. This will alert you to issues and offer solutions to keep you on air. For example, it can be configured to switch on back-up audio or back-up transmitters should it detect a problem.

    Analogue, Digital and Composite Inputs give maximum flexibility to interface with any existing and future audio chains, alleviating compatibility problems and future proofing your equipment.

    FSK ID Keyer as standard for translators removes the need for external hardware or hourly audible announcements and offers broadcasters a one-box solution for their translator sites.

    Flexible and extensive Web Mail, SNMP, Telnet and Serial Remote Control that will keep you aware and in control of your station’s transmission, and allow you to interact with your transmitter using the method that you prefer.


    Integrated multiband DSP audio processing allow stations without a dedicated audio processor to sound great ‘straight out of the box!’


    Ethernet connections & smart phone apps coupled with intelligent alarms & email alerts – Remote Management as never been simpler!


    Outstanding reliability is backed up by our 2 year international warranty for your peace of mind.

  • PDF file V2 Transmitter Range Manual
    V2 Transmitter Range Manual
    Download now (411 kB)
    PDF file TX5 V2 datasheet
    TX5 V2 datasheet
    Download now (5,783 kB)
  • 5 starsGreat transmitter! All package worked very well. Manuela

    Manuela from Germany

    5 starsOur Drive in sounds wonderful now with the drive in package it is a much better match for the dynamic range of the new digital projection system, and only transmitting at 1/2 a watt covers the field, wont need the full 5W! It is also solving the problem with cars that have internal or broken off antennas that was an issue here. The 99w Drive In Theatre thanks you!

    Brian from United States

    5 starsFantastic unit .has been in service on 107.5 rock Dunedin nz for over a year with no issues .sounds great .plug and play

    Anonymous visitor from New Zealand

    5 starsDon t waste your time or money on anything else. Write the check, turn it on and forget it.

    Ed from United States

    5 starsThis has to be one of the most awesome middle range audio transmitters around. I am using it for LPFM and the quality is supreme. Thanks BW for such an awesome product - DJ Pete (BLENZ 107.4, NZ)

    Anonymous visitor from New Zealand

    5 starsThe TX5 is one of the best values I have seen. What you get is worth much more.


    4 starsGreat audio quality.

    Alan from New Zealand

    5 starsThe TX5 is amazing.As good as the sound quality was before.The new model seems even better.Very well built.I use the loud setting and it sounds fantastic.


    4 starsWe have installed two of these devices in LPFM situations. They have a very good audio leveling system, although it is best to stay away from the settings unless you want grunge. The stereo generator is very good, and overall build is to a high standard.

    Vern from New Zealand

    5 starsI have been setting up those Transmitters for tourist coaches that enables them to use 1 guide for several coach buses, these ar exellent transmitters easy to use an configure.

    Stefan from Iceland

    5 starsGreat looking unit and appears to be very well built. Digital display makes it easy to set up

    Mark from Australia

    5 starssounds wonderful thanks much

    David from United States

    5 starscoupled with a Alan and Heath PA 12 mixer,PreSonus Firebox this little transmitter rocks! The TX5 has a great bottom end and stereo separation

    Anonymous visitor from Canada

    5 starsCan't believe you get all-in-one for this price. Great stuff.

    Anonymous visitor from Canada

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