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BW Broadcast TR600 V2

FM Translator
TR600 V2 FM Translator

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This revolutionary product combines our ‘award winning’ V2 transmitters with an inbuilt DSP rebroadcast receiver to bring you an outstanding translator solution

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TR600 V2 FM Translator $5,595.00
  • Overview:
    This revolutionary product combines our ‘award winning’ V2 transmitters with an inbuilt DSP rebroadcast receiver to bring you an outstanding translator solution. The TR600 V2 is the only single-box translator on the market. It’s guaranteed to pull in distant signals and re-broadcast them with amazing clarity, while saving you $$$, time, and hassle compared with a traditional 2 box solution.

    In Detail
    The TR600 V2 is packed with features to guarantee amazing sound quality, reliability and reception. The tuners audio and RF bandwidths can be adjusted to cope with the most demanding applications. The receiver can handle strong signals at transmitter sites, while transparently picking up distant broadcast signals with ease. Plan-B silence detection technology automatically switches to either of the MPX, analogue or AES/EBU inputs - to keep broadcasting in the event of reception loss. RDS PI code checking can also prevent the translator or repeater from being hijacked or jammed.

    Hotswap, Slide-in Power Supplies. If a lightning strike or power surge takes out your transmitter's power supply, you no longer need to remove it from the rack and spend hours disassembling it. You can simply slide in a replacement power supply in seconds. We’ve made our transmitters the most intelligent on the market by adding Ethernet Remote Control (click for online demo), Email Alerts, SNMP, Silence Detection, Advanced Alarms as well as an In-built Logger. There is even HTML5 compatibly for smart phone remote control. All of these features make it easy for you to monitor the status of your transmitter. It will email you if it has a problem and keep a log of any issues to be investigated. You can also adjust settings remotely if required. All these features are designed to give you peace of mind and save you time. Configurable Status and Alarm Ports, to signal to, and control external equipment. This will alert you to issues and offer solutions to keep you on air. For example, it can be configured to switch on back-up audio or back-up transmitters should it detect a problem. In addition to the inbuilt receiver, the Analogue, Digital and mpx Inputs give maximum flexibility to interface with any existing and future audio chains, alleviating compatibility problems and future proofing your equipment. Built-in audio processing eliminates the need for a separate audio processor, saving you money, time and hassle on managing extra equipment. It also has one of the industry’s cleanest exciters and an ultra-low distortion modulator, which go to make it a highly stable FM transmission system. Clean, loud, market leading audio performance that will help you stand out from the crowd. The TR series really is the ultimate single box translator and repeater solution. It even has a built in Morse code FSK ID keyer as standard.



    Integrated multiband DSP audio processing allow stations without a dedicated audio processor to sound great ‘straight out of the box!’


    Slide in power supplies mean major problems can be easily fix on-site in minutes.


    Ethernet connections & smart phone apps coupled with intelligent alarms & email alerts – Remote Management has never been simpler!


    Outstanding reliability is backed up by our 2 year international warranty for your peace of mind.

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