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BW Broadcast DSPmpX Encore

Stereo Encoder & Decoder
DSPmpX Encore

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Its predecessor, the original DSPXmpX has spent the last 10 years dominating the stand alone stereo generator market. The new Encore version goes 1, 2, 3 steps beyond the original.

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DSPmpX Encore $1,995.00

    Its predecessor, the original DSPXmpX has spent the last 10 years dominating the stand alone stereo generator market. The new Encore version goes 1, 2, 3 steps beyond the original. 

    1. It has always visible large front panel LED metering, so you can see your audio and MPX levels easily from across the rack room 

    2. It has an RDS encoder – at no extra cost 

    3. It can decode MPX signals in DSP, with lab grade performance and have the decoded levels shown on the front panel LED metering.


    Many radio stations like to place their audio processing at the studio, especially when the same audio source is feeding a network of transmitters. Unless you are using linear / PCM to send audio to your transmitter(s), your audio will have overshoots introduced. Bit rate reducing methods like MP3 or AAC codecs change the shape of an audio waveform, which often means increased levels. Therefore, any level control before the STL link is often thrown out the window. A standard stereo generator or one inside of a transmitter will often not have any method of dealing with these extra peaks in the audio waveforms, which inevitably leads to over-modulation, which can result in fines to the radio station or interference to radio stations that may be close in frequency.

    The DSPmpX has an advanced peak control system that can tame any overshoots, and do it in a manner where there is no loss of loudness or loss of audio quality. No matter what levels are fed into the DSPmpX, it will keep you to 100% modulation. The transmitter will be fed with a peak and bandwidth limited composite signal. Here are just some of the advanced ways it does that.

    1. Distortion canceling audio clippers, that have a feedback path to a limiter that kicks in when there is excessive clipping which may start to become audible 

    2. Distortion canceling overshoot compensated 15Khz low pass filters 

    3. Composite clipping option – with embedded Pilot and RDS / SCA protection filters 

    4. Equalization filters to ensure high stereo separation, across the whole audio spectrum 


    Most standard stereo generators have a single MPX output connection socket. The DSPmpX has two independent MPX outputs, and one can even be set to output just a pilot tone for synchronization purposes. It doesn’t stop at just the two outputs, there are also two MPX inputs. These inputs are sampled and fed to a DSP that performs stereo decoding with unprecedented accuracy and quality.

    It is possible to take an analog or digital audio input, and have that feed the stereo generator, outputting to the MPX outputs, while at the same time taking a totally different MPX source, and have that decoded to left and right audio, and outputted to the analog and / or digital audio output sockets.

    Two front panel softkeys can switch the front panel LED meters between displaying encoding levels or decoding levels. 


    PlanB silence detection and source switching as standard, DSPXmini Encore can automatically revert to auxiliary sources or onboard flash memory if the signal problems arise, keeping you on-air at all times. Our latest remote control and monitoring software allows you to interact with your processor from anywhere in the world and even listen in over an IP connection in real-time. 


    Our all new intuitive alarms and events system allows you to assign intelligent actions to any rear panel (digital or analog) GPIO event. Take complete control over each event by mapping it to a set of ‘do this when’ and ’do this now’ actions for the most versatile and customizable alert configuration possible. 


    The front panel is machined from a single block of aluminum with a high contrast OLED displaying the menu system and tri-coloured LED blocks providing clear, real-time metering. The 3 silicone soft keys work dynamically with the display to control the most significant functions and the electronics are all wrapped up into our lightweight brushed aluminum chassis.


    • MPX and RDS encoding and decoding metering and analysis make this product the Swiss Army Knife of the composite FM stereo world;
    • One button configuration switching between encoding and decoding analysis;
    • Always on high resolution LED display offers full confidence metering and monitoring of the composite signal and its components;
    • Stereo (MPX) generation and peak limiting with advanced anti-aliasing distortion control;
    • RDS Encoder broadcasts your station’s callsign, alternate frequencies and even song or program information – built in as standard;
    • Plan B silence elimination automatically switches to standby audio sources – keeping your broadcast on air;
    • Remote Listen allows you to monitor your station from a distance;
    • Flexible and versatile Alert and Actions system brings together rear panel GPIO at digital or analog levels of your choosing, integrating it with intuitive ‘do this when’ and ‘do this now’ actions.
    • HTML, FTP, Telnet, SNMP and RS232 connectivity interfaces with monitoring equipment or just acts standalone, allowing you to monitor and control your processor remotely, from anywhere in the world!
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