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Barix Exstreamer 200

Audio Decoder
Exstreamer 200

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Top of the line Exstreamer, with built in amplifier and speaker output for powerful sound.

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Exstreamer 200 $521.00
  • Network audio decoder with built-in amplifier for commercial, industrial and security applications.

    The Exstreamer 200 is an intelligent MP3 player that can pull your digital audio from the network while converting it into music or voice. This device is the top of the line Exstreamer including its own built-in amplifier and speaker output for powerful sound.

    This unit is great when you want to connect the device to your speakers directly.


    • Plays MP3 files and streams from computers, web, Shoutcast, Icecast and RTP servers
    • 10/100 Mbit/s Ethernet connection
    • Control via standard web browser, IR remote control, API (serial, TCP, UDP, CGI)
    • Separate firmware for WMA and MP3 streaming (HTTP, UDP, RTP) with automatic failover and USB playback available
    • Fully programmable ABCL (BASIC dialect) firmware available on request


    • Commercial IP audio distribution
    • Residential IP audio distribution

    These are only supplied as 220V AC with a UK Square plug. For other voltages and plug types - you will need to use an aftermarket Plugtop power supply.

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