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Axel Technology Genius D

Audio Switcher
Genius D

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It fulfils the needs for manual or automatic switching between different audio sources.

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Genius D $1,123.00
  • The Genius D is an audio changeover with 2 stereo inputs and 1 stereo output. It fulfils the needs of every radio station for manual or automatic (on ‘emergency’) switching between different audio sources.

    GENIUS D is a fully digital audio changeover, designed for Radio and TV broadcast markets.

    GENIUS D allows the connection of 2 analog input sources -main and backup and constantly checks the main audio presence. In case of fault, GENIUS D switches the input source from main to backup.

    The intervention/return time are configurable via software. The input source switch can be automatic or manual via front panel, software or GPIn.

    The audio process is fully-digital via DSP, where a special section is dedicated to audio control; the Denoiser module cleans the sound from unwanted noise.

    The Tone Generator provides a test tone, useful to trim an audio network chain.

    The DTMF Encoder and Decoder are also available with customizable strings that can be interfaced with radio and TV automation systems.Features:


    • Digital DSP-based audio changeover with 2 analog inputs and 1 analog output
    • Input to output switch and fade with customizable time intervention and restore
    • Graphic LCD display and front panel button for monitor and control
    • Internal DTMF encoder/decoder for automation system
    • 1 RS-232 serial port, USB and GPIO port
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