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Allen & Heath XB10

Compact Broadcast Mixer
XB-10 Mixer

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The ultra-compact XB-10 is perfect for small radio or internet broadcast studios, college and university radio stations, podcasting, content creation and more.

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XB-10 Mixer $792.00
  • A reliable and compact solution for domestic or small scale broadcast and audio needs

    The ultra-compact XB-10 is perfect for small radio or internet broadcast studios, college and university radio stations, podcasting, content creation and more.

    Despite its tiny footprint, XB-10 is packed with the kinds of specialised broadcast features that normally come at a much higher price. Radio-friendly tools include a telephone communication (telco) channel, mic channel ON switch sensing, stereo channel start/cue outputs for CD deck transport control and automatic muting of speaker outputs. A separate monitor mix can be created for operator and guest or presenter, and the operator can speak off-air to the studio or telephone callers using the ‘Talk’ feature.

    XB-10’s preamps use low noise discrete transistor circuitry to achieve high gain and excellent linearity. Each mic channel comes equipped with our innovative CompACT compressor to keep the dynamic range of a presenter microphone under control. A variable limiter on the main output ensures that the final mix to air does not saturate expensive broadcast equipment.

    The plug-n-play USB connection can be used for VoIP telephone calls, recording program material, playing jingles and more.


    XB-10 comes with a full duplex USB soundcard built-in and many useful routing options for recording and broadcast applications.


    XB-10 features a responsive 3-band, swept mid frequency EQ design which utilises MusiQ with optimised slope for a variety of sources.

    Output Limiter

    A variable limiter ensures the level does not exceed a pre-defined level. Back panel option switches allow the limiter to be bypassed. A trim pot is used to vary the threshold and an LED on the front panel indicates when the limiter has triggered.

    CompACT Compressor

    XB-10 features our ComPACT compressor on each of its mic channels. CompACT (Adaptive Compression Technology) is a program-dependent audio leveller. Unlike other compressors, which are effective only at reducing loud sounds, CompACT combines both downward and upward compression with peak limiting. Low level signals are given a gain boost, mid level signals are mildly compressed with a soft knee response, and high level signals are limited. 


    • 3 mic/line and 3 stereo inputs
    • Telco channel with optional USB routing for VoIP
    • CompACT compressors on mic channels
    • ON switch logic on mic and telco channels
    • Start/cue logic outputs on stereo channels
    • Separate headphones mix and outputs
    • Auto mutes on control room outputs
    • Remote mute facility on mic channels
    • Responsive 3-band, swept mid EQ with MusiQ
    • Configurable USB stereo audio in/out
    • XLR main outputs with inserts and variable limiter
    • Aux / Alt bus for external processing, recording or auditioning


  • PDF file XB-10 Brochure
    XB-10 Brochure
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  • 5 starsWe have used one of these for both internet and FM RSL event broadcasting. Normally we would hire a much more expensive desk for the RSL event station. We were a bit wary of using the XB10 at first, because it\'s hard to believe something at this price would be up to scratch, but we were very pleasantly surprised. It really is brilliant. The audio quality is up there with the best, the EQ is really good and it is intuitive to use. The mic compressor helps tame certain microphones. The only thing it lacks is a fader for PC music input so that you can fade music quickly for talk over, but we got around this by using a standard (cheapo!) DJ controller with an integral fader plugged into the PC via USB. We have three condenser mics, a twin CD player, a telephone balance unit and a PC via USB plugged in. Everything works and sounds great. One of our better purchases. Highly recommended.

    Anonymous visitor

    5 starsexcellent

    Anonymous visitor from Tanzania

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