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AEA Technology VIA ECHO 2500

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Vector impedance and spectrum analyzer with FDR for measuring antennas, networks and cables.

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VIA ECHO 2500 $3,695.00
VIA ECHO 1000 $1,995.00
  • Proud to be the smallest and lightest around, this digital measuring device comes with up to 11 applications, is computer friendly and runs on batteries you could find in your alarm clock

    The Echo is a handheld vector impedance and spectrum analyzer with FDR for measuring antennas, networks and cables.

    The Echo has the capability of providing digital measurements and graphical sweep displays of impedance, RF power gain or cable quality. The Echo is the smallest, lightest 2.5GHz dual port analyzer on the market. 

    • SWR
    • Return Loss (dB)
    • Phase Angle
    • Reactance
    • Resistance
    • Gamma Magnitude
    • Gamma Angle
    • Linear Gain
    • Phase Gain
    • Spectrum Analysis
    • Frequency Domain Reflectometer

    The Echo PC Vision software application, included with the VIA Echo, provides the user with the capability of remotely operating the VIA Echo through a USB port while viewing real time results or stored data on a PC. PC Vision provides color Cartesian and Smith Charts of vector plot data. 

    The PC Vision software makes the capture, storage and printing of documentation and reports easy. 


    • “Belt Friendly” at 2.1 lbs (923 grams) including soft case, batteries and test leads
    • Simultaneously view two separate plots with different scales 
    • Automatic calibration and self-test   
    • Large numeric display in CW mode
    • S11 and S21 test ports   
    • Cable/fixture nulling   
    • 250 memory slots for both plot storage and setup data 
    • Software makes PC uploads and archiving traces easy   
    • Quarter VGA backlit LCD 
    • Operates on AC or AA Alkaline or NiMH batteries  
    • Internal NiMH or NiCd recharger NiMH or NiCd batteries 
    • USB communication to PC   
    • Spectrum analyzer and FDR   
    • MRI version is low magnetic  


    • Fast installation testing, verification and documentation   
    • Establish  records data base with Echo PC Vision software  




  • Frequency ranges

    *4.0 MHz to 1.0 GHz - 4.0 MHz to 2.5 GHz 

    Tuning/display resolution 1 KHz up to 1.1 GHz,10 KHz for > 1.1GHz-2.5GHz
    Input power range +20/-60dBm
    FDR cable length 35 to >10Kft (10 to>3300m)
    Measurement speed ~3 sweeps / second
    Frequency display 250 points x N x resolution (N=intiger) 
    Impedance range 2 to 2000 Ohms
    Impedance plotting scale 0 to 50 Ohms min, 0 to 2000 ohms max
    Phase angle plotting scales +/- 15 to +/- 180 degrees
    Impedance formats Resistance, reactance, Z, Z angle, SWR, return loss , S11 vector
    Internal Power: 

    8 AA Alkaline, NiMH or NiCd batteries (not included with MRI Models)

    External Power: 15VDC @ 450mA  
    Harmonic and spurious > 30dB below fundamental

    Output Power

    ~ +0dBm @ 50 Ohms 

    Antenna connectors " N " Type S11 & S21
    Gain formats Log, linear, phase and group delay
    Display Qtr VGA Backlit LCD 280 x 156 pixels  
    Communications USB 2.0 Port 
    Size 8.5” x 4.3” x 2.25” (216 x 109 x 57mm)  
    Weight 2 lb 1 oz (923grams) with softcase and batteries
    Environmental Splash and dust resistant
    Drop Resistance MilStd 810F Transit Drop, 48 inches (122cm)
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