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AEA Technology E20/20 TDR

Time Domain Reflectometer
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The improved E20/20 TDR is “Step” Time domain Reflectometer for measuring High Bandwidth Copper Media.

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E20/20N $1,895.00
E20/20F with CATV Option $1,995.00
E20/20B $1,995.00
E20/20F with Telco Option $1,995.00
  • Improve your installation practice with this lightweight and compact gadget and say goodbye to troubleshoots and confusion with all your copper cable requirements. Includes a friendly carry case


    The NEW enhanced version of the 20/20 Step TDR is ideal for troubleshooting all types of coax, OSP cables, twisted pairs Cat 2 to Cat 6A and single wires in bundle/harness. It is based on the current 20/20 TDR employing “Step” technology’s amazingly accurate fault locating and display capabilities. The E20/20 TDR stores, recalls and uploads traces to a PC by name, date and time. It has a user friendly interface to reduce technician learning curve and training time. Including features like Setup Wizard, Named Menu Keys, and Context Sensitive Help. The E20/20 TDR also has new MicroFault locating for small coax kinks and crushes that might be service affecting, but hard to see on a normal TDR trace. It has larger clearer display fonts and LED indicators for active Function Keys. The E20/20 TDR is ideal for testing and troubleshooting Coax, Twinax, Triax, Telco OSP, or LAN twisted pairs Cat 2 to Cat 6A. The E20/20 TDR comes in a variety of connector configurations. Its internal Cable List holds 64 cable types, can be user edited, and modified lists can be uploaded or downloaded to a PC using ETDR PC Vision™ software.



    • Coax and twisted pairs testing using same TDR
    • Accurate and clearer trace indication of faults
    • More advanced features to aid troubleshooting
    • Save, upload, print or email traces
    • Find faults other TDR’s miss
    • Clear trouble more quickly with less testing
    • Upload, download, and customize cable lists
    • Saved traces are also saved setups for recall
    • Noise detections and noise filter
    • Locate coax runs or pairs quickly using Tone Function
    • Setup Wizard makes training interactive
    • “Belt Friendly” size and only 2 lbs (900g)




    • New keypad layout with named menu keys and LED indicating active    Functions.
    • Revised menu structure and user interface to make use easier.
    • Set-Up Wizard for step-by-step start up.
    • Context sensitive Help.
    • Toner added for cable or pairs ID using inductive amplifier.
    • Alpha-numeric keypad to make name entry easier.
    • Memory recall by trace name, date and time.
    • New ETDR PC Vision software with enhanced displays, USB-2 interface, Upload, modify, download cable lists, and more.




  • Distance
    Range 0-6,600ft (2010m) @ VoP =.66c

    0-10,000ft (3047m) @ VoP =.96c 1 in (2.54cm) 0-5000 ft 5'4" (1.63m)5000-10000ft or 0.1% of span distance

    Accuracy <0.2% + 1 inch (2.54cm) + VoP uncertainty
    Range 1-1K Ohms
    Resolution 0.1 Ohms
    Accuracy <2% @ 40< Z <120
    Velocity of Propagation 0.20 - 0.99c
    Resolution 0.003c
    Dead Zone None on any range
    Cursors Two with differential readings
    Memory 99 Screen Plots or 15 Detailed Plots or combinations
    Display Qtr VGA Backlit LCD 279 x 156 pixels
    Communications Serial Port 57,600 Baud
    Internal Power 8 AA Alkaline, NiMH or NiCd batteries
    External Power 15VDC @ 450mA
    Size 8.5” x 4.3” x 2.25” (216 x 109 x 57mm)
    Weight 2 lb 1 oz (923grams) with softcase and batteries
    Environmental Splash and dust resistant
    Drop Resistance MilStd 810F Transit Drop, 48 inches (122cm)
  • PDF file E20/20 TDR Brochure
    E20/20 TDR Brochure
    Download now (682 kB)
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