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Search results for o. c. white co. 51900 3 proboomã‚â® deluxe triple mic arm with riser 29
51900 O. C. White Co. 51900 ProBoom® Deluxe Mic Arm with Riser - 29 
The 51900 is an premium mic boom of choice for many of the worlds top Broadcasters 

Less relevant results

14192 ProBoom Elite O. C. White Co. 14192 ProBoom Elite  
3-part extended microphone ARM ONLY; 46 1/2" (118.1cm) Reach; Holds up to 1.13kg. In... 
14198-B O. C. White Co. 14198-B ProBoom Junior Lightweight Microphone... 
Lightweight Mic Arm perfect for Podcast applications 
52900 3-part extended microphone ARM & RISER O. C. White Co. 52900 3-part extended microphone ARM... 
46 1/2" (118.1cm) Reach; Holds up to 1.13kg.; Black/Chrome or Black/Gold Finish  

even Less relevant results

14295 O. C. White Co. 14295 ProBoom® Elite Mic Boom (Arm Only) 
The 14295 is an premium mic boom only, without riser and is the choice for many of the... 
13600 O. C. White Co. 13600 Mic Lite For ULTIMA and ULP Mic Arms 
On air indicator lights for OC White ULTIMA and ULP mic arms 
ULP-12R O. C. White Co. ULP-12R ProBoom® Ultima™ LP Adjustable Mic... 
Award winning design, redefining the broadcast studio standard through integrated design &... 
ULP-MB O. C. White Co. ULP-MB ProBoom® Ultima™ - Low Profile Mic... 
Award winning design, redefining the broadcast studio standard through integrated design &... 
PL2T Heil Sound PL2T Microphone Boom 
Heil Sound's unique boom mount that allows quick and easy installation of your microphone. 
14199 O. C. White Co. 14199 ProBoom® Elite 45 
The 14199 Elite mic boom only 
SB-2 Heil Sound SB-2 Microphone Boom  Rating for SB-2 Microphone Boom
The SB-2 is compatible with all Heil Sound's mounting hardware.  
23850 K & M 23850 Microphone Desk Arm  Rating for 23850 Microphone Desk Arm
Multi-purpose and easy to handle. A smart choice of microphone arm. 
 Ultima™ O. C. White Co. Ultima™ SMS Scalable Monitor System 
Award winning design, redefining the broadcast studio standard through integrated design &... 
M 59 Beyerdynamic M 59 Dynamic Microphone 
The M 59 is designed to meet the critical demands of studio on-the-air or studio voice-overs. 
MCE 58 Beyerdynamic MCE 58 Condenser Microphone 
The MCE 58 condenser microphone is used for interviewing and broadcasting.  
RE 27 N/D Electro-Voice RE 27 N/D Broadcast Microphone  Rating for RE 27 N/D Broadcast Microphone
Variable dynamic cardioid microphone  $1526.00
M 99 Beyerdynamic M 99 Dynamic Microphone 
The M 99 is a dynamic moving coil microphone of studio quality.  
C3000 AKG C3000 Large Diaphram Microphone 
Highly affordable AKG large-diaphragm microphone technology. 
MCE 530 Beyerdynamic MCE 530 Condenser Microphone 
Condenser microphone suitablefor both project studios and semi-professionals 
D230 AKG D230 Omnidirectional Reporter's Microphone 
This rugged dynamic ENG microphone delivers exceptional sensitivity and clarity. 
RE 50/B Electro-Voice RE 50/B Broadcast Microphone  Rating for RE 50/B Broadcast Microphone
Industry standard live interview microphone - matte black finish.  $391.00
C-3 Behringer C-3 Studio Condenser Microphone  
The C-3 is a dual-diaphragm condenser microphone ideal for studio and live applications. 
DT 109 Beyerdynamic DT 109 Headset with Dynamic Microphone  Rating for DT 109 Headset with Dynamic Microphone
The standard headphone/microphone combination for live, remote broadcasting,studio and more! 
BP40 Audio Technica BP40 Large-diaphragm dynamic broadcast... 
Audio-Technica introduces a dynamic broadcast microphone that delivers rich, natural,... 
RE 16 Electro-Voice RE 16 Broadcast Microphone 
Podium or handheld microphone, excellent for podium use where high intelligibility is important  $558.00
CB-1 PTT Heil Sound CB-1 PTT Microphone Base 
This unique base allows a user to momentarily cut off vocals with the push of a button.  
27105 K & M 27105 Microphone Stand 
Inexpensive stand with professional features 
Heritage Heil Sound Heritage Microphone 
The Heritage is a must for singers and broadcasters alike. 
The Fin Heil Sound The Fin Microphone 
The Fin has been designed especially for live sound, recording and broadcast applications.  
PR 40 Heil Sound PR 40 Microphone 
With its superb rear rejection the PR 40 is a must for broadcasters.  
PR 35 Heil Sound PR 35 Microphone 
The PR 35 has been designed for commercial broadcast, recording and live sound reinforcement. 
PR 30 Heil Sound PR 30 Microphone  Rating for PR 30 Microphone
This is a great mic for broadcasters. 
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