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8 steps to setting up a new radio station from the outside

8 steps to setting up a new radio station from the outside

Setting up an FM radio station can be a time consuming and very daunting task for those who have little experience in the field. Each station is different in its requirements and geographical specifications. Everything from coaxial cables to antennas and transmitters that need to be procured, it is easy to become overwhelmed with the sheer number of things to consider and keep in mind.

How to start LPFM radio station
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Radio Christmas – charity radio station that helps children in Latin America

Radio Christmas broadcast warehouse


Meet one of our customers, Christmas Radio, which is a small charity radio station in the UK that raises money every Christmas for children in Latin America. Since 2008, the radio station has been live every Christmas to fundraise for its charity, Street Kids Direct. Both the charity and the radio station have been founded by Duncan Dyason, a youth worker who has a passion for reaching children and young people on the margins of society. The charity guarantees that 100% of all its donations go DIRECTLY to the projects they are supporting in Latin America. 

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Have you ever struggled with translator site problems; such as picking up weak signals; interference from neighbouring high power broadcasts or poor quality re-broadcast audio?

Worry no more – BW Broadcast have created the perfect product for you!!  

Combining the technology of TWO award winning products, the RBRX1 Re-broadcast Receiver and the V2 transmitter, to offer the only single box translator solution on the market!

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