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AEQ Broadcast

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Phoenix Mobile/Portable AEQ Broadcast Phoenix Mobile/Portable Codec 
Provides a small, light weight, portable codec for the ultimate in complete mobility. 
Phoenix Mercury AEQ Broadcast Phoenix Mercury Codec  
Provides a small, light weight, codec for the ultimate in connection. 
Phoenix Venus AEQ Broadcast Phoenix Venus Codec  
Provides a rackmount, codec for the ultimate in connection. 
Eagle AEQ Broadcast Eagle Dual-Channel ISDN Codec  Rating for Eagle Dual-Channel ISDN Codec
Eagle is a multi-format dual-channel ISDN audio codec with analog and digital AES/EBU in/outs. 
TLE-02D AEQ Broadcast TLE-02D Portable Unit 
Three units packed in the most unique box on the market 
YG-150/3 AEQ Broadcast YG-150/3 Antenna 
Used as a transmitter antenna placed in OB Vans over an adjustable and telescopic mast.  
BJ2 AEQ Broadcast BJ2 Antenna 
The BJ2 is used as a receiver antenna for studios and repeaters, placed over a mast 
Listener 8 AEQ Broadcast Listener 8 Radio Receiver 
Monitor, listen and record up to 8 AM & FM broadcast signals in just two rack units. 
Caddy AEQ Broadcast Caddy Multichannel Converter 
Multichannel AD & DA converter in a single rack unit 
DA 26 AEQ Broadcast DA 26 Distribution Amplifier 
Provides audio distribution from either 1 mono audio input to 12 mono outputs or from 1... 
Impact AEQ Broadcast Impact Router 
Summing/Distributing digital audio router, which can be adapted for client's specific needs 
Codec Share AEQ Broadcast Codec Share Software 
Allows the Eagle and Course codecs to be shared by studios and routes the audio through the... 
SYSTEL 6000 AEQ Broadcast SYSTEL 6000 Software 
Utilizes the Impact router & provides a multiplex console or multiconferencing system on ISDN... 
BC2000 AEQ Broadcast BC2000 Software  Rating for BC2000 Software
Comprehensible and powerful Real Time Control Router software.  
AudioPlus AEQ Broadcast AudioPlus Automation Software  
AEQ AudioPlus system brings AEQ broadcast automation systems to stations where quality in... 
Arena AEQ Broadcast Arena Mixing Console 
Provides several quality enhancements in relation to the BC 2000D mixer 
Lowest Price
Forum AEQ Broadcast Forum Mixing Console  Rating for Forum Mixing Console
The latest Digital mixer from AEQ delivers more features than competitive products 
Lowest Price
Capitol AEQ Broadcast Capitol Mixing Console  
The latest Digital mixer from AEQ delivers more features than competitive products 
AM-03 AEQ Broadcast AM-03 Self Amplified Audio Monitors 
Provides a 3 way audio system, mono for low frequencies & stereo for mid and high frequencies.  
BC2000 DF AEQ Broadcast BC2000 DF Router 
Inserts and extracts digital or analog, mono or stereo, audio channels  
BM-150 AEQ Broadcast BM-150 Antenna 
Designed for mobile use as STL antenna on car or motorcycle.  
Bravo AEQ Broadcast Bravo Audio Console 
The 12 channel audio mixing console builds upon the award winning features of AEQ's BC-300. 
Course AEQ Broadcast Course Multi Card Communications System 
10 dual channel ISDN in a 4 unit chaissis with control software and dual power supplies. 
Live10 RPU AEQ Broadcast Live10 RPU Reporter Unit 
AEQ's Live-10 portable audio link system can be tuned anywhere between 174-500MHz . 
Live20 AEQ Broadcast Live20 Reporter Unit 
A wireless bidirectional microphone for remote broadcast links with or without audio mixers.  
ARROW 50 AEQ Broadcast ARROW 50 Reporter Unit 
Smooth as an Arrow, this radio link system operates at high power in VHF & UHF 
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